How to Make the Most of Free Services Available for Your Pet. How to Make the Most of Free Services Available for Your Pet.

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How to Make the Most of Free Services Available for Your Pet.

As pet parents, we all want to be able to provide the best care for our best friends. We also know that this can sometimes come with a hefty price tag. But did you know that here at Pets & Friends, we offer a range of free pet services both in-store and online?

All our colleagues are trained pet specialists, and we’re here to have those important conversations and help you make the right decisions for your pet. We’ve put together a short guide on why your local pet specialists should always be your first port of call for common pet queries.

Free pet nutritional advice.

The most common questions we receive in-store are about nutrition, especially nutritional requirements for dogs. Whether your dog has a tummy upset or your puppy that isn’t gaining any weight, our colleagues can help. Not only do we a have a dedicated personalised pet nutrition plan which is free to use online and in-store, but our range of products means that more often than not there is a simple solution to your pet’s dietary requirements.

We can help recommend a new pet food brand or recipe and how to safely switch your pets food, as well as help you decide what type of feeding suits them best, including mixed feeding.

Whilst our team are not medical professionals, we are raw diet specialists with brands such as  Natures Menu, Nutriment and Naked Dog and can help advise on the right diet of food and treats for specific ingredient allergies or intolerances. We can also help with specialist diets for more active dogs, overweight dogs and neutered cats.

Free pet weight checks.

Keeping on top of your pet’s weight can help relieve any future financial burden as well as help prevent common weight related diseases such as diabetes and arthritis. That’s why our pet weighing scales are free to use. According to Many Pets Pet insurance, the average cost of a vets visit for obesity-related diseases is over £289*, so making the most of those free scales can help save you lots of money. There’s no appointment needed to use our in-store scales, and our colleagues are always on hand to help if you or your pet need assistance. You can also ask for a weight check when you book your pet in for their grooming session at the Pets Parlour, so you can tick off two tasks with one visit.

Free Harness and Coat Fitting

Whether you’re a new pet parent, or simply looking for a new coat or harness for the season- we’ll measure your and fit your dog for free in-store, with no appointment needed. Our pet specialists are trained in how to measure your dog for their harness and can recommend the for their breed too.

Product Recommendations

You’ll find that most of our colleagues are pet parents too, and part of their job is trying and testing new products and bestsellers with their own pets. That’s why you’ll always get an honest review when asking for recommendations. Whether it’s a new dog lead, cat litter type or a bird feeder, we can help you find the perfect product thanks to our experience.

Our pet specialists can also recommend over the counter worming treatments and flea and tick prevention, plus a wide range of pet wellbeing supplements to help you take the best care of your pets when they’re not quite themselves.

Some of our more common queries in-store are tips on cat and dog joint care, help with pet anxiety around firework season or what pet grooming products to take on holiday. A lot of non-medicinal solutions can be recommended without an expensive trip to the vet. We also have a fantastic guide to saving money on pet essentials online with tips on keeping general pet costs down.

Whatever you’re looking for, here at Pets & Friends our dedicated pet experts can help. With 50 years’ experience in pet nutrition as a company, we know that they’re more than just pets, so we’re more than just a pet store. If you have queries about your pet, you can speak to our specialists in-store or online via our customer care team.

*Figure is based on 2022 prices from the Many Pets Whitepaper.