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Here at Pets & Friends, we’re here to help you find the perfect raw recipe for your dog. ​​In this raw dog food guide, you can read about the benefits of raw dog food, what we stock, how to feed raw dog food and how to help transition your dog to a raw diet. You can also speak to our in-store pet nutrition experts about a raw diet for your pet. ​​​

Looking to prepare your dog’s meals? ​We offer DIY options so you can mix up proteins and veggies to create a taste sensation your dog will love. Look for mince, chunks, and veggie nuggets to create a nutritionally balanced meal. ​​​

Need a complete meal you can just thaw and serve? ​Chubbs, complete nuggets and ‘ready meals’ are what you need. Ready-prepared meals also offer tailored solutions for different breeds, life stages and health issues which feature a specifically crafted mix of vitamins and minerals, as well as the essential raw ingredients. ​​​

Our range also includes freeze-dried dog food recipes, which can form part of your dog’s raw diet when you need nutritional recipes but may not have access to refrigeration.

What are the benefits of raw dog food?

check   Better digestion
Raw, natrual food can be easier for dogs to digest thanks to the lack of sugar, bulkers or derivatives found in some kibble and wet pet foods. Some of which can cause digestive upset.
check   Healty coat and skin
When you feed your pet a complete raw meal, the correct quantities of protein, veggies and healthy fat will help improve your pets coat and skin health. Meaning your dog will have a shinier, glossier coat. 
check   Healthy poo
When your pet eats raw food, the lack of filler = less waste  overall. This means that your pets poo will be smaller, firmer and easier to pick up! 
check   Better dental health
Chewing raw food and treats can help keep your pets' teeth and gums in good shape, keeping them stimulated and helping freshen their breath. 

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Raw feeding advice and news

Frequently asked questions about raw pet food

Are there different types of raw dog food?

Whilst all raw dog food has the same principles, we sell a range of products to suit how you make your dog’s meals at home. From convenient, fully prepared meals which can be defrosted and served to raw mince-only, or chunks-only products which can be used to create a complete, nutritionally balanced meal for your dog.

Some raw dog food recipes are also nutritionally tailored to the needs of your dog throughout each life stage, including specific puppy and senior raw dog food recipes.

Can I feed my dog raw treats?

You can! Whichever diet your dog enjoys, raw wings, tracheas and marrowbone chews can be given as a treat on a regular basis. We would recommend offering raw treats 2-3 times a week in addition to your dogs regular feeding regime.

Raw dog treats are great for chewing; the meaty, crunchy textures not only help stimulate them physically and mentally but can help improve their oral health by fighting plaque and tartar as they chew. Chewing can also be a form of stress relief for dogs.

We would only recommend feeding raw dog treats to your dog if they are a confident chewer. Never leave your dog unattended with a raw treat.

Can I feed my puppy raw food?

Yes, you can. From around 8-12 weeks, you can introduce raw dog food to your puppy as part of the weaning process. Some brands such as Natures Menu offer puppy specific nuggets and recipes which are tailored to the nutritional needs of puppies.