The Complete Guide to Freeze-Dried Dog Food from Pets & Friends The Complete Guide to Freeze-Dried Dog Food from Pets & Friends

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The Complete Guide to Freeze-Dried Dog Food from Pets & Friends

Freeze-dried dog food is fast becoming a popular option for pet parents, having gained traction across the pond in the USA, UK pet parents are seeing the benefits of feeding freeze dried dog food and treats; with more brands now offering the option in their ranges.

Here at Pets & Friends, we totally get that switching your dog food can affect your dog in different ways, so we’ve put together a guide to freeze dried dog food to help you make the right decision.

What is freeze-dried dog food?

Freeze dried dog food is simply raw dog food which has been through the freeze-drying process to offer a more long-lasting dog food option. Freeze-dried dog food has had all its moisture sucked out through freezing temperatures and a multi-step drying process. Freeze-drying is a safe and extremely gentle food process that preserves all the goodness, flavour and nutrients of the quality ingredients used in raw dog food.

The pros and cons of freeze-dried dog food.

Whilst the main advantage of freeze-dried dog food is that it’s still raw food, but it lasts much longer; there are other advantages and some disadvantages of choosing to feed freeze-dried dog food.

  • Long shelf life. Freeze-dried dog food will last as long as regular kibble
  • Easy to store- can be stored in it’s original packaging or storage box the same way as regular kibble
  • Ideal for on-the-go. If you feed raw and need something just as nutritious which doesn’t need refrigeration, freeze-dried can be used.
  • High nutritional value. The nutrients are locked in during the freeze=drying process.
  • No filler- some kibble is cheaper and convenient because it includes filler ingredients, freeze-dried dog food doesn’t need the filler.
  • For some, freeze-dried dog food may seem more expensive than regular kibble and raw food, however the manufacturing process and convenience can be worth paying for. Whether freeze-dried food is ‘worth the money’ is totally up to you as a pet parent.
  • Bone is important to your dog as a source of calcium and other minerals. High quality freeze-dried dog foods include bone in their foods.


How to switch your dog to freeze-dried food.

As with any diet switch, your dog will need to be gradually weaned onto freeze-dried dog food. We would advise to follow the 7-day switching process which is detailed over in our blog on how to switch your dog’s food.

Remember, when feeding freeze-dried dog food, the food is still ‘live’, so it’s important to follow the same hygiene practise you would when feeding raw dog food.

Is freeze-dried dog food expensive?

This is relative to the brand you choose to feed, the size of your dog and your budget. Whilst larger bags may seem expensive vs raw dog food, freeze-dried dog food can be shipped like standard kibble and costs less to store at home and away.

Does freeze-dried dog food require any preparation before I feed it to my dog?

No. Freeze-dried foods are ready to serve as they are. Once the raw ingredients have been freeze-dried, they require no additional preparation. Simply open the bag and feed the required amount for the size of your dog.

Can I feed freeze-dried dog food as part of a mixed diet?

Whilst it’s not necessary to mix freeze-dried dog food with other types of diet, you can use it as a topper for kibble or wet food for added nutritional value.

You can shop freeze-dried dog food and freeze-dried treats online and at your local Pets & Friends store. For more information on dog diets and finding the perfect nutritional balance for your dog, speak to our experts.