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Grooming at Pets & Friends

We know that a good grooming routine is important to keep your pet happy and healthy, that’s why we have a dedicated team of experienced, qualified pet grooming stylists in each of our salons. From washes to the works, our salons provide a relaxed and friendly grooming service for dogs, cats, and small pets, always ensuring your pet’s every need is catered for, giving you peace of mind whenever you need it.

How to book a grooming appointment.

Booking an appointment at your local Pets Parlour Spa & Grooming salon couldn’t be easier! Call your local salon or pop into your local store and speak to one of our grooming stylists.

Please note that puppies can only be groomed from their second inoculation (usually around 12 weeks of age).

You’ll need to let us know of any medical or behavioural requirements beforehand so we can ensure the salon is perfect for their arrival.

All our packages include consultations with our qualified and caring grooming professionals. 

Grooming Packages and Treatments

*Please note all prices depend on dog and cat size, coat type and coat condition. Selected stores also offer microchipping services for dogs and cats- please speak to your local salon directly for more information. 

Grooming Frequently Asked Questions

What should you not do when grooming a dog?

You know your dog best, and should you need to groom them at home we have a few crucial tips to keep them safe and feeling their best. 

When grooming your dog at home, you should never leave your dog unattended at height. If you need to restrain your dog, it's important that they fit correctly and are not too tight as this could cause your dog uncessary stress. 

It's also really important you're using the right grooming tools for their coat type. If you're unsure, you can speak to our fully qualified groomers for advice on the best tools to use. 

What charms a dog when grooming them?

Charming your dog into having a groom in the first place can prove quite tricky. Our grooming team suggest a few options like rewarding them with their favourite treats at different stages of the groom. You can also keep them calm and happy by talking to them and using reassuring words. If they need a distraction, a Lickimat covered in paste or pate is a great option. 

Which way do I brush my dog?

This depends on your dog's coat. If your dog has a wool coat (like a cockerpoo) you shoud brush them in reverse and with their coat using a slicker brush before using a comb to groom along the growth of their coat. For smoother fur and double coated dogs, you should brush in the direction of the coat growth. 

Should I brush my dog before or after bathing?

The answer is both! If your dog's coat is particularly matted or needs some attention, brush them before their bath to avoid making any knots or mats worse. 

If you're treating your dog to a nice conditioner you can also comb through the conditioner during the bath, this will help evenly spread the product and give your dog a lovely massage.

How often should I bath my dog?

Unless you have been advised by your vet, you don't need to give your dog a full bath more than once per month. Of course, if they get exceptionally muddy on walks they'll need a wash down, but try not to use too much product on their full coats and concentrate on the areas which get more muddy like their paws and legs.