Your New Puppy Checklist! Your New Puppy Checklist!

Posted by Emma Oldroyd, on

Your New Puppy Checklist!

It’s time to welcome your new family member! How exciting!

Whether you’re a first-time pet parent, or it’s been a while, it’s important to remember all the essentials for welcoming your new puppy into your home. We’ve put together a quick check list so you can be fully prepared for your new arrival!


Top of the list! It’s important that you speak to your breeder about your puppy’s diet and continue to use the same puppy food to avoid any stomach upsets during those crucial first few weeks.

Food and Water Bowl

Whilst a fancy looking bowl may be tempting- it’s important to remember that puppies may take to chewing their feeding bowl, so stick with stainless steel or ceramic puppy bowls initially to avoid any accidents.

Collar, Harness and Lead

We recommend visiting your local pet store or taking their measurements to ensure you get the perfect fit for your new pup! They'll need to be regularly measured for their harnesses and collars until they're fully grown- especially if you have a long-haired pup! 

I.D. Tag

As per the 1992 Control of Dogs order, every dog must wear a collar which identifies them. Your pups I.D. Tag needs to include your surname, address, and postcode. You may also want to include your telephone number.

What else?

Well that’s the essentials covered, but don’t forget, you want your new pup to feel as much at home as possible during their transition into your family, so stocking up on other pup products will help them settle in in no time.

You may also want to enrol your pup into training classes to help them become the goodest of dogs! If you have any queries about your new family member, our store staff are on hand to help you every step of the way.