Flea Treatment for Dogs & Puppies: Everything You Need to Know Flea Treatment for Dogs & Puppies: Everything You Need to Know

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Flea Treatment for Dogs & Puppies: Everything You Need to Know

Flea Treatment for Dogs & Puppies: Everything You Need to Know

Fleas are a common external parasite which can affect your dog at least once in their lifetime. They can literally spring from nowhere! They thrive in warmer environments, so can be found throughout the year either because of the warm weather, or within your home when the heating is turned on.

Fleas not only make your dog uncomfortable as they bite but can lead to more health problems such as tape worm, allergies and even myxomatosis in rabbits. In severe cases, especially in very young, elderly, or sick dogs, an infestation can cause anaemia. So, when it comes to treatments, prevention is better than the cure.

How does my dog contract fleas?

Dogs can contract fleas several ways, either within your home from flea heavy environments (carpets and other soft furnishings are a flea haven!) or from contacting other animals who may already have fleas (some fleas can jump more than a hundred times their own body length).

Fleas work fast, too, so it’s crucial that if know your pet has been in contact with another animal who has a flea infestation to treat immediately. Fleas can take as little as 12 days to infest, hatch and spread.

How can I tell if my dog has fleas?

There are a variety of flea symptoms your dog may show if they are suffering from a flea infestation.

  • Excessive scratching
  • Hair loss
  • Sore skin patches/redness
  • Dark spots across your dog’s coat (flea faeces)
  • You may also have some flea bites yourself

Which is the best flea treatment for my dog?

There are a variety of flea treatments available for dogs and puppies which can be purchased online or in-store, or, if your dog suffers from flea allergies or needs a stronger dose, we recommend consulting your vet for a course of treatment.

Spot On Flea Treatments

These are the most popular and effective over the counter flea treatments for dogs. The easy to apply liquid solution usually lasts around 4 weeks and can be used both as a treatment and a prevention method.

Flea Tablets or Injections

Some flea tablets are available to buy over the counter and can be used in conjunction with other treatments. Flea tablets are fast working and are easy to use for dogs who may fidget with other treatment applications. Flea injections can be administered by your vet.

Flea Collars

Flea collars usually last around 4 weeks and are a great deterrent. Some flea collars also offer a stronger dose for dogs who already have an infestation.

Flea sprays and powders

A quick, thorough treatment which can be applied directly to your dog’s coat and skin, flea sprays and powders work to kill live fleas and usually last around a week. For a longer-lasting flea treatment, use sprays and powders together with another flea treatment.

Flea Shampoos

Another fast-acting treatment, flea shampoos can be used in conjunction with spot ons and tablets to ensure your dog is flea-free as quickly as possible. Some grooming salons also offer a flea bath to help get your dog back to full health.

Top tip: Always remember to comb your dog thoroughly with a flea comb after a shampoo whilst the fur is still damp to remove any dead fleas/ dirty which may still be caught between the fur.

Important: always de-worm your dog after a flea infestation, as fleas can carry tapeworm.

Always use pet appropriate treatments for your dog or cat.

How often do I treat me dog or puppy for fleas?

Flea prevention can start from as young as 8 weeks old in puppies, and most treatments have a recommended application of every 4 weeks. For stronger doses and breed/age specific treatments, we would recommend consulting your vet on how to approach flea prevention.

Regular combing and grooming can also help spot the signs of fleas and eliminate as quickly as possible.

How do I prevent my dog from contracting fleas?

Whilst it’s likely that your dog will contract fleas at least once in their lifetime, taking the time in both pet care and your home cleaning routine can help lessen these odds. In addition to regular flea treatments for your dog, we recommend the following:

  • Hoover soft furnishings in your home regularly
  • Ensure floors, skirting boards or anywhere fleas like to hide are cleaned regularly
  • Always empty your hoover after each use
  • Use pet friendly house sprays to help prevent a range of parasites
  • If you think you may have fleas in your garden/ patio area you can use external powders such as Desi-Dust


If you have any questions about regular flea treatments, you can pop in store to speak to our pet experts on how best to approach parasite prevention. You can also ensure your pet is flea-free on time with our Repeat & Save offer, delivering your flea treatments exactly when you need them, with a discount on every order.