personalised pet nutrition plan

Personalised Pet Nutrition Plan

Find the perfect diet to suit your pet with our online nutritional planner. Simply tell us about your pet and we can help you find their ideal diet, recipe and treats to keep them well-fed, healthy, and happy. Plus, you can get your pet's expert nutrition plan emailed directly to your inbox, so it's always on hand when it comes to stocking up.

How to find the perfect diet.

Tell us about your pet. 

We totally get that every pet is different. Tell us a few important details about them including their age, weight and breed and we'll put together a plan that's as unique as they are.

Fussy eater?

Tell us a few more details to help perfect their recommendations. Do they have any allergies or intolerances? Do they refuse to eat selected ingredients? Let us know.

Pick your products. 

Our pet experts will recommend a range of products tailored specifically to your pet's needs. Add your email so we can send their nutrition plan direct to your inbox.

Pet nutritional advice.

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