Pets & Friends Brigg

Address: Brigg Garden Centre, Bigby High Road, Brigg, DN20 9HE

Telephone:  01652 241177

  • Store & Salon Opening Hours

    Monday: 9am- 6pm
    Tuesday: 9am- 6pm
    Wednesday: 9am- 6pm
    Thursday: 9am- 6pm
    Friday: 9am-6pm
    Saturday: 9am- 6pm
    Sunday: 10am- 4:30pm


What's in-store?

  • Free Weight Checks

    Bring your pet in for free weight checks, no appointment needed!
  • Pets Parlour Spa & Grooming

    Give your pet the ultimate pamper in our Pets Parlour. 
  • Pet Experts

    Speak to our pet experts about nutrition, fleas, toys and more!
  • Personalised Nutrition Plan

    Find the perfect diet for your pet with the help of our nutritional experts. 
  • ID Tag Engraving

    This store offers tag engraving whilst you wait. 
  • Free Harness Fitting

    We offer free harness measuring and fitting in-store with no appointment needed.