A Dog Owner’s Guide to Raw Dog Treats A Dog Owner’s Guide to Raw Dog Treats

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A Dog Owner’s Guide to Raw Dog Treats

As the trend for feeding your dog a raw diet increases, some of our bestselling raw dog food brands including Natures Menu have also seen an increase in demand for raw dog treats to compliment daily feeding.

Here at Pets & Friends, we want to help you take the best care of your pet, so we’ve teamed up with Natures Menu to answer some of your burning questions about raw dog treats and how best to feed them.

What are raw dog treats?

Raw dog treats are usually found in the freezer with frozen raw dog food. Mainly made up of body parts which compliment a raw diet in general; raw dog treats consist of raw bones with meat attached, or smaller raw meat chunks which can be defrosted quickly. Some dried raw treats are also available as alternatives to rawhide, these are usually found with general treats at your local pet shop.

What are raw dog treats made from?

Raw dog treats which are found in the freezer are usually made from chunks of meat, fillets or carefully cut bones with meat attached. Some raw treats may also still have hair attached (including rabbit’s ears- which are a great natural worming solution!)

Can you use raw dog treats for training?

We wouldn’t advise using raw treats for training due to hygiene issues when handling raw products. There are safer alternatives in our range of dog training treats and chews which can be used for training purposes.

How often should my dog have raw dog treats?

Natures Menu only recommends dogs are fed raw chunks, chews, and bones if they have been fed a raw diet for a minimum of 4 weeks (see the full Dog Bone Guide as to reasons why). Following this, careful introduction to bone free options should take place first and then slow progression onto the softer bones and more challenging options. We recommend feeding whole bones and chews no more than 1-3 times per week.

Can I give my puppy raw dog treats?

This depends on whether your puppy is already fed a raw diet. We would always recommend following the Natures Menu Dog Bone Guide on advice on how to introduce softer chews and bones as your puppy grows.

For more advice on raw feeding and raw dog treats, speak to one of our pet experts who can help you ensure your dog is healthy, happy and well fed!

raw bone and chew guide

raw dog bone and chew guide