The Pets & Friends Guide to Feeding Your Dog Mixed Food. The Pets & Friends Guide to Feeding Your Dog Mixed Food.

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The Pets & Friends Guide to Feeding Your Dog Mixed Food.

Mixed feeding has many great benefits for your dog, but where do you start? Our nutrition experts have put together a short guide to mixed feeding to help you make the right choice for your pooch.


What is mixed feeding?


Mixed feeding is when you feed your dog both wet and dry food dog regularly. This can be different food at different mealtimes or offering two bowls of food at mealtimes. Some dogs also enjoy a mix of food in the same bowl.


What are the benefits of mixed feeding?


Whilst feeding your dog complete, balanced meals of wet or dry food ensures your dog gets all the nutrients they need, mixing wet and dry food offers your dog a variety of textures, smells, and flavours to enjoy.


Mixing wet dog food into their kibble can also help keep your dog more hydrated. On average- dry dog food has a 14% water whereas wet dog food has at least 60% water content. Even if you don't feed your dog both wet and dry food all year round- adding in wet food during the summer months can help avoid dehydration in the heat.


Mixed feeding can also be a great option for fussy eaters. Wet dog food has a stronger smell, making their bowl more exciting and attractive, so your dog may be more encouraged to eat their meals.


Mixed feeding can also be a more economical option as your dog food will go further so, you can stock up less often.


How do I know what amounts of food to feed my dog?


Due to the calorie differences between wet and dry dog foods, you cannot simply replace the food gram for gram.


Always consult the feeding guide on the back of the food packaging when it comes to measuring your dog’s food. Good quality foods will show the recommended amount of food to include based on their weight and age.


How do I start mixed feeding my dog?


If your dog has intolerances or allergies to certain ingredients-we would recommend consulting your vet before introducing a new food.


Introduce the new recipe gradually your dog’s bowl until you have the desired mix of foods as we mentioned previously- you don't have to offer both types of food in the same bowl. You can offer the new food separately to help avoid putting your dog off their regular meals.


You can read our guide to switching your dog’s food if you are introducing brand new recipes to their plate.


If you’re looking for advice on dog nutrition, you can speak to our experts both online and in-store or start our online personalised pet nutrition plan to keep your dog well fed, healthy and happy.