Money Saving Tips on Pet Essentials with Pets & Friends. Money Saving Tips on Pet Essentials with Pets & Friends.

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Money Saving Tips on Pet Essentials with Pets & Friends.

We know that right now the cost of living is on the rise, and this includes those pet essentials. According to the PDSA Paw Report, 86% of pet owners said that the cost of owning a pet has increased in the past year.

Here at Pets & Friends we're here to help your money go further, so we’re answering your most common questions on keeping pet costs low without compromising on quality.

How can I save money on my pet?

Make the most of free services and advice.

Your local pet specialists are always here to help. Having a conversation about your pet’s overall wellbeing or nutritional needs can help establish a good pet care routine without having to shell out at the vets. From understanding ingredients to weighing your pets for free, all your queries are welcome.   

Pet specialist shops are also a good place to compare products. At Pets & Friends, our experts know their products and can advise on cheaper alternatives to what you’re currently using or how to make your products last longer.

Invest in pet insurance.

One of the biggest costs associated with pet care is vet bills. Whether it's an unplanned emergency visit, or a regular check-up, vet visits are much cheaper with the right insurance cover. 

A good dental care routine.

One common vet bill which can be avoided is dental care. Particularly for dogs, brushing their teeth regularly or offering them a daily dental chew will keep their teeth and mouths in good health as they age- and avoid dental disease, and hefty vet bills as a result!

Make the most of loyalty points.

Wherever you shop-signing up for loyalty programmes will save you money in the long run. The Pets and Friends pet points programme offers points on each pound spent, as well as bonus points for signing up to emails, following us on social media and more. Your points all add up to money off vouchers which you can use towards future orders.

Buy longer lasting treats and toys.

Investing in good quality, long-lasting treats and toys for your pet may be a more expensive initial outlay, but the right products will keep them occupied and mentally stimulated for longer without breaking the bank!

Subscribe to your regular pet essentials.

Using promotions like Repeat & Save means you never pay full price for your pet essentials; you can order over 3,000 products on subscription with a huge saving on your first order-plus a 5% saving on each future delivery. 

It’s not just for food either, you can ensure their treats, litter, or flea & tick treatments are delivered exactly when you need them, meaning there’s no need to pop to the shops last minute and spend more than you need. 

How can I save money on dog food?

Switch to a cheaper brand.

The easiest way to save money on dog food is to switch to a cheaper brand. We’ll always need to feed our pets, so it’s important to find the right pet food at the right price. Our free personalised pet nutrition plan will offer results to suit your dog’s needs at different price points.

Comparison is key here. You may find that lesser-known brands offer the same nutritional value in their pet food as big brands. Savvy shoppers use this to ensure their dog food retains it’s quality whilst saving the pennies.

Some brands like Breederpack, Dylan and Skinners also offer VAT free dog food as it’s made for working dogs, so you automatically pay 20% less.

Top tip: If you do switch your dog’s food, always make sure you follow the right steps to avoid tummy upset. Our guide to switching your dog’s food has all the steps you need.


Buy in bulk.

If you can, stocking up on dog food will help your money go further. Price per feed will be lower with bigger packs, and you’ll also save money on trips to the shop or online delivery.  

Look out for those 10kg, 12kg and even 15kg bags of dry dog food for an even lower cost per feed.  

Top tip: store your dry dog food in an airtight container, out of direct sunlight, to make sure it will last as long as possible.  

Try mixed feeding.

One of the benefits a mixed feeding your pet is that by using 2 different types of food- your usual bags or tins of food will go further, meaning you need to stock up less and ensure your pet gets all the nutrients they need. Mixed feeding also offers your pet variety, so they won’t get bored of their meals, avoiding waste.

You can read the full guide to mixed feeding over on our blog.  

Check dog food feeding guides.

Whether you’re mixed feeding or not- always make sure you measure your dog’s food! Not only will it keep your dog healthy ensuring they have the right calorie intake per day, but it will prevent food waste and save you money. You can invest in a food measuring cup or use your kitchen scales to weigh out dry dog food.

How much should I budget for a pet?

This depends entirely on your circumstances and your pet. Some things to take into account when you’re budgeting are:

  • Essential vet visits (check-ups, vaccinations, neutering, microchipping)
  • Your pet’s adult size and weight- this will determine how much food they’ll need, and you can work out the cost per feed for your preferred pet food brand.
  • The type and breed of your pet- for example, indoor cats will need more toys for mental and physical stimulation as well as specific food recipes to keep them healthy. Certain dog breeds will need more exercise, so you’ll probably spend more on walking accessories throughout their lifetime, and long-haired pets will need more regular grooms.
  • Common health traits of your pet- this could affect how much you pay for pet insurance, for example breed-specific health issues will see higher insurance premiums.
  • Your pet’s basic needs- a bed, feeding bowls, I.D. tags etc. If you’re not sure what you need to buy- we have a guide to what to buy for your new kitten and a new puppy checklist to help you make sure they have everything they need.

If you’re looking for advice on how to prepare financially for a pet, Pets & Friends can help. You can speak to our experts in store or online about money saving pet tips, budget friendly pet hacks and much more.


 *Ingredients, nutritional information and cost at Pets & Friends correct at the time of publication.