The Pets & Friends Guide to Pet Calming Products The Pets & Friends Guide to Pet Calming Products

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The Pets & Friends Guide to Pet Calming Products

When it comes to party season, it can be tough to see our pets in distress from fireworks and the rise in visitors to our house. One way to help prevent stress is to invest in pet calming products which have been specially designed to help calm your pet, easing their nerves and keep them feeling safe when uncertainty arises.

Look for the signs of pet stress

It’s important to know the signs that your pet is stressed, we have a couple of helpful guides in the hub to help you establish your pets stress related behaviour.

Which calming products do I use for my pet?

There are a lot of products available on the market, we’ve put a short guide together below on how each type of pet calming solution works so you can decide what is best for your pet.

Pet calming pheromones

Pheromone products come in all shapes and sizes, the odourless and colourless synthetic chemicals mimic the natural pheromones released by a species- which in turn will affect animals of the same species in a specific way.

Calming pheromones usually come in the form of a plug-in diffuser or a simply spray, but some brands also offer pheromone wipes and bandanas for a more hands-on approach.

You can buy pet-specific pheromone products, but many brands offer a mixture of both (as the chemicals won’t influence the species they don’t mimic).

We would recommend using pheromone products a couple of weeks before party season, or when you know your pet’s stress may be triggered. Pheromone products are also great if you’ve moved house, as it can help your pet feel calmer in their new environment.

Pet calming supplements

Much like flea and tick treatments, medicinal calming solutions can be given via a spot-on applicator or in tablet form to help keep your pet calm and reassured. Supplements are ideal for pets who suffer from stress more regularly than party season or who need something a little stronger than synthetic pheromones.

If your pet requires a stronger dose than what is offered over the counter, we will always advise to see your vet.

Pet calming treats

There are many treats available on the market which contain calming ingredients such as lavender and chamomile. Offering treats can also help distract your pet from the stressful environment.

We would also recommend trying occupier treats such as long-lasting chews or popping calming treats into an interactive puzzle as a distraction.

Swaddle your pet to help with stress

Much like when you swaddle a baby to help comfort them, the same can work for some pets. Thundershirts are a jacket brand which are suitable for both dogs and cats. Thundershirts work by applying mild, but constant pressure to your pet as they wear it. Much like a cuddle!

Thundershirts or swaddles can also help pets who suffer from separation anxiety.

You can speak to a pet expert about measuring your pet for the perfect Thundershirt fit.

Soft toys to help comfort your pet

It’s not just puppies who feel better after a cuddle! Soft, plush toys can help comfort your pet during stressful times. The Happy Pet toy company also make specific comfort toys infused with lavender to promote a calming effect.

You can view all of our pet calming and anxiety products online or speak to a pet expert in-store or via Pets Chat to find the perfect option for your pet.

You can also read up on how to help your pet cope with fireworks, or how to build a den to get them through party season.