8 Signs Your Dog may be Stressed 8 Signs Your Dog may be Stressed

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8 Signs Your Dog may be Stressed

Our dogs are expressive creatures, and when it comes to stressful or scary situations for them, stress can manifest itself in a variety of different ways. Depending on your dog’s breed, age or temperament; stressful reactions can range from destructive behaviour through to simply sulking by themselves.

Sometimes, the cause of stress in dogs can be easy to pinpoint (firework season, for example) but it can also be difficult depending on their reaction. It’s perfectly normal for pet parents to feel panic, or be alarmed by behavioural changes our dogs, especially if stress is manifested in physical behaviour such as shaking or panting.

Here at Pets & Friends, we want to help you take the best care of your pet, so we’ve put together a short guide on the signs of stress in dogs, what can cause stress in dogs and how to help keep your dog calm.

Common Signs of Stress in Dogs

Stress can manifest itself in many ways, depending on your dog, but a few common signs of stress to look out for are:

  • Whining/barking/being vocal
  • Panting
  • Shedding
  • Posture changes (leaning away)
  • Shaking
  • Facial changes (Teeth exposed in ‘smile’ shape, ears back, eyes squinted/ shut tightly)
  • Destructive behaviour (such as chewing furniture)
  • Urinating indoors

What Causes Stress in Dogs?

Our dogs can react differently to different stressful situations including:

  • Changes in environment
  • Changes in diet
  • Injuries
  • Illness
  • Loud noises
  • Loneliness
  • Boredom

How to Help Calm your Dogs and Relieve Stress

When it comes to treating your dog for stress related issues, should physical signs persist we would always recommend a trip to the vet.

Things to try at home include:

Looking for advice on calming solutions? Speak to one of our pet experts to find the perfect at-home solution to keep your pet healthy and happy.