Tips For Travelling With Dogs On Holiday Tips For Travelling With Dogs On Holiday

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Tips For Travelling With Dogs On Holiday

Heading on a staycation with your dog? Whether you are just having a family fun day out, camping, glamping or staying in a swanky hotel your dog will have the time of their life! After all they deserve a holiday too, right? All that sleeping, playing, and eating tasty treats can be very stressful for pooches... Here at Pets & Friends we’re here to help you take the best care of your pet, so we’ve put together some top tips on travelling with dogs to reduce stress and increase fun!

Tips for taking your dogs to the beach 

If it's a beach holiday that you are going on, sandy noses and sandy toesies are all part of the fun. Make sure you check out dog control orders on local beaches in the area you are wanting to visit, some may only allow dogs at certain times of the year, and some not at all, *spoil sports*, so choose your holiday destination wisely and do your research before you book. If you're unsure of where to find dog friendly beaches, we recommend looking at, they have lots of information on places to visit.

 dog travelling in car sat in the boot

Travelling with dogs in the car

Plan your journey in advance. If you're making a car journey with your dog, ensure that you take a travel bowl or dog water bottle, its small size is perfect for taking out and about, and don't forget plenty of fresh water.

Take plenty of stops (particularly if it is a hot day), you may want to consider using a  cooling mat for in the car to keep your dog more comfortable, the Scruffs Cool Mats are filled with a safe, non-toxic gel will be typically 5-10 degrees cooler than the car interior temperature and helps cool your pet down for up to one hour when in use! To reset the cooling mat simply leave it unused for around one hour - no need to freeze or refrigerate!

Make sure your dog can stretch their legs, go to the toilet, and get some fresh air at regular intervals, always ensuring that you stop somewhere safe and away from the road. If your dog is not used to travelling it is a good idea to try them on some shorter car journeys beforehand, even just introducing them to the car while its on your driveway - get them playing with their favourite teddy or squeaky ball in the car, eating some tasty treats - anything they associate with positive rewards. If your dog is very new to travelling in the car slowly introduce turning on the engine and just letting in run while you are in the car with the dog, getting them used to the noises and movement, steadily working up towards short journeys around the block with lots of praise and rewards after.

How to keep your dog safe in the car

The Highway Code states that dogs should be suitably restrained when in a vehicle for the safety of the pet, driver, and other passengers.  If you have space within your car to allow for a travel crate these are a great option,

Travel harnesses are perfect for keeping your dog secure in the car, the simple seat belt loop avoids any ill-fitting seat belt sockets and when fitted correctly, allows for ample movement and a comfortable sitting, laying or standing position for the dog.

Looking for more tips on travel? Check out the Pets & Friends Ultimate Packing List for Dogs so you can ensure you have everything you need for travel.