Tiny Paws: How to Deal with Puppy Teething Tiny Paws: How to Deal with Puppy Teething

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Tiny Paws: How to Deal with Puppy Teething

Teething can be a testing time in the early stages of your relationship with your puppy. The whole teething process can take up to 8 months for your pup- so we’ve put together a guide on how to help your puppy cope with those teething niggles and save your arms and furniture!

puppy eating whimzees dental chew

How to handle your puppy nipping/play biting

Whilst puppy nipping and play biting can be painful for pet parents- it’s reassuring to know that it is just part of the teething phase!

The key to handle nipping is to stop play when your puppy starts to nip or bite. If you repeat this every time your puppy starts, they will soon learn your signals and know that if they bite or nip, playtime stops.

Another great cue is to respond with a ‘yelp’ sound when your puppy goes to nip or bite you. This mimics the sound and behaviour your pup would have experienced with their litter (if your pup has come from a breeder).

Solutions for a puppy who loves to chew

Introducing alternatives for them to bite and chew is a great idea too! A selection of goodies can also help redirect your pup’s focus to something more appropriate (and tasty) than your shoes or chair legs.

Chews such as WHIMZEES puppy stixx are suitable for puppies aged 3 months and over. Not only will your puppy get their aching teething into something tasty, but these daily dental chews will also keep your pup’s oral health in tip-top shape.

Natural treats such as ears, feet and necks are also great for chewing! Without any additives, natural treats are ideal for pups from an early age.

Frozen treats are also a quick, low-cost way to help your pup ease their teething pain. KONG easy treat paste is easy to freeze in an ice cube tray and voila, a tasty, ache-easing treat awaits!

Remember to always supervise your puppy when they’re chewing a treat.

Suitable teething toys

It’s not just chews that can help, there are a wide range of suitable puppy teething toys out there to help your puppy relieve their teething niggles.

You can view our full guide to the best puppy teething toys here, or speak to our puppy experts on what’s best for your individual pup.

Other puppy teething solutions

If toys and chews aren’t quite enough, teething gels or sprays are another option to help soothe your puppy’s gums and prevent them from constantly chewing.

If your puppy eats kibble as part of their diet, we also recommend softening their puppy kibble with a small amount of warm water to help reduce the abrasion on their teeth, so their teething pains won’t put them off their dinner.

If you want more advice on your puppy’s teething journey, you can speak to our experts in-store or using our Pets Chat box to find solutions and keep your puppy comfortable during teething.