Puppy Teething Toys - The Best Teething Toys for Puppies Puppy Teething Toys - The Best Teething Toys for Puppies

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Puppy Teething Toys - The Best Teething Toys for Puppies

When your puppy starts teething, it can become a painful and uncomfortable experience for them (much like baby teething, or adult toothache!). From around three weeks, depending on the breed and size of your puppy, their new teeth start to come through.

The teething process can last up to 8 months in puppies, that’s a long time of chewing, biting and gnawing behaviour which pet parents need to help them through! So here at Pets & Friends we’ve put together a guide of our best teething toys for puppies to help you keep your pup comfortable as their teeth come through and save your furniture and clothes.

Best Overall Teething Toy for Puppies

The Kong Puppy Ball is a puncture resistant, natural rubber ball which is the most durable puppy ball on the market. Ideal for teething, the soft rubber will help soothe your puppy’s gums as they chew and play. Using a ball as a teething toy can also bring in an element of fun and play during your puppy’s teething season, so not only can they alleviate their pain but can stay distracted with a fun game of fetch!

Best Teething Toy for Small Puppies

The Little Rascals Play Teether Pig is a squeaky, crinkly character which will help comfort your pup and help satisfy their chewing urges. The cuddly pig has tough feet for your pup to chew and bite when they get teething discomfort. 

Best Teething Toy for Large Puppies

For larger puppies, the Little Rascals Ring is a rope toy that will help satisfy your pup’s chewing urges and let you play together to help distract your pup from their teething troubles. The strong, durable rope will help calm those incisors and satisfy your pup when it come to boisterous playtime too! Tug is a great interactive game for you and your puppy to bond over, without worrying about your puppy nipping to biting because of their teething.

Best Cooling Teething Toy

When it comes to keeping those aching gums cool, and for pups who are teething through the summer months; the All for Paws Chill Out Ice Ball is ideal! Simply fill with water and freeze- then it’s a cool, refreshing playtime for your puppy!

Best Teething Toy Set

The Little Rascals Teething Rubber Puppy Toy pack is a fun, durable play set which will keep your puppy entertained for hours and satisfy their chewing urges as they play. The pack comes with a dumbbell, ring and ball made from durable dog-safe rubber which is soft enough to help your pup get a good grip for chewing but strong enough to last. This pack is also great value for money as you get 3 toys for less than £10!

Best Dental Teething Toy

Once those teeth come through, it’s important to keep them in good shape from the off. Whilst dental chews and regular brushing will help, toys like the Nylabone Puppybone Toy will help alleviate teething pains. Designed specifically for teething puppies, the soft thermoplastic polymer will help encourage non-destructive chewing whilst helping fight plaque and tartar.

Remember, always buy toys that are suitable for puppies to ensure they don’t damage their new teeth during the teething process. It’s always best to offer your puppy a variety of toys including rope, rubber and plastic toys which can help them during teething, this will encourage them to change textures and they will soon choose their favourites.

Shop all of our puppy toys online, or if you’re looking for more advice, you can speak to our puppy experts about all things teething!