The Pets & Friends Guide to Kitten and Cat Grooming The Pets & Friends Guide to Kitten and Cat Grooming

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The Pets & Friends Guide to Kitten and Cat Grooming

Whilst most cats groom themselves, occasionally cats will enjoy more grooming time with you. Not only is it a great bonding experience but grooming has many benefits for your cat.

Our cat experts have put together a short guide on kitten and cat grooming to help you establish a good grooming routine as they grow.

Why should I groom my cat?

Whilst your cat’s tongue is especially adapted to help remove loose hair and dirt from their coat, medium and long-haired cats can be prone to matting and will need extra help to stay comfortable and healthy.

Daily at-home grooming and regular professional cat grooms will help keep their coat in good condition and help reduce the number of dreaded hairballs!

Having your cat regularly groomed not only helps to improve their muscle tone and stimulate natural toils to keep their coat shiny. A bath at the groomers can help your cat or kitten acclimatise to water and cope with feeling wet. Cat grooming also allows you or a professional to give your cat a ‘once over’ check around their eyes, ears and mouths, which helps spot any abnormalities.

Grooming can also be therapeutic for cats, it will help you bond as a family and help them unwind.

How do I groom my cat at home?

Firstly, always make sure your cat is comfortable and relaxed before you begin to groom them.

Introduce them to the hairbrush before you touch them, let them sniff or rub the brush so it becomes familiar to them. Then start with a few gentle stokes around the face and cheeks, slowly moving down your cat’s body in the direction of their fur. 

Groom your cat in short spurts to help them feel in control- and always avoid areas your cat doesn’t usually like to be touched.

How do I know if my cat likes being groomed?

Don’t worry, your cat will always tell you if they don’t like something! A few signs of discomfort to look for are:

  • Swishing their tale
  • Tensing up or twitching
  • Shaking their head
  • Hissing

Do I need to prepare my cat for a professional groom?

Yes- it’s important to get your cat used to the groomers from an early age. Gradually build up your at-home grooming routine and get them used to the sights and sounds of the grooming salon such as hairdryers and the shower spray.

When you book your kitten or cat in for a groom, be sure to let your groomer know their likes and dislikes, if there are any sensitive areas to look out for and if they are happy to be rewarded with a treat.

Always ensure your kitten or cat is fully vaccinated before taking them to a grooming salon.

More questions about cat grooming? You can call your local Pets Parlour spa and grooming salon to speak to our grooming experts or use our online Pets Chat service to speak to someone about product recommendations for at-home grooming.