YAKERS, keeping dogs occupied for longer. 

Made to an ancient Himalayan recipe, perfected over hundreds of years from our 100% natural ingredient, yak milk. YAKERS are the ultimate 100% natural dog chew and occupier that will have your dog wagging their tail in delight!

Built to last, YAKERS chews are perfect for dogs who love to chew, or to help keep your dog mentally and physically stimulated through chewing. They're especially helpful for helping distract your pooch when you need to keep them occupied at home; whether it's a meeting, watching your favourite T.V. show in peace or firework season- YAKERS will help keep things calmer. 

Best of all, they can eat the full chew getting the wonderful cheesy flavour from start to finish! By popping the last piece in the microwave for 30-60 seconds, you can create a tasty, crunchy yak milk popcorn like treat your dog will love.

YAKERS also comes in a range of award-winning flavours, with benefits over and above the good stuff already packed into the original smoky chews. Strawberry provides a boost of natural antioxidants, Apple serves up vitamin A and C, Turmeric is an all-round good egg and anti-inflammatory, while Mint helps freshen breath. 

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Award-winning flavours.

YAKERS flavoured occupier chews have been voted 'Must Stock Pet Product of the Year' award at the Pet Product Marketing Awards 2023.

YAKERS chews are meticulously handcrafted from 100% natural, gluten-free Himalayan yak milk. They are infused with delicious flavours including strawberry, mint, turmeric, and apple making them irresistible to dogs of all breeds and sizes. 

These extra long-lasting chews are designed to keep dogs occupied, promote healthy teeth and gums, and satisfy their instinctive need to chew. Each flavour of YAKERS also comes with its own range of health benefits for dogs, including natural antioxidants in the strawberry flavour and promoting fresh breath with the mint flavour.