Welcome to Pets & Friends Weston Favell

Address: Units 1 & 2 Octagon Way, Weston Favell District Centre, Weston Favell, NN3 8JP

Telephone number: 01604 401 030

We’re open 7 days a week, where Eleanor and the team are on-hand with product recommendations, nutritional advice, and anything else you might need!

What’s here?

At Weston-Favell you can find the recently re-vamped puppy zone! Where we stock everything you need to prepare you and your home for the arrival of your new best friend. Our range includes age-appropriate food, puppy toys and beds.

Our freezers are stocked with a large selection of raw and frozen food for dogs, cats and reptiles. Plus, the health & wellbeing section is where you can pick up the essential flea, tick and worming treatments for your pet.


Call to book on 01604 401 030

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Puppy Specialists

Visit our Puppy Love zone for everything you'll need to bring home and nurture your new best friend. From pregnancy through to adolescence, we stock a wide range of puppy food, toys, and accessories to make sure they get the right nutrients and enrichment.

Preparing for a puppy? Pop in-store and ask us about what you'll need and our top tips on welcoming a new dog into your home.

Expert Nutritional Advice

Through every life stage, our nutritional advisors can help you find the perfect recipe for your pet. We're on hand in-store for all your food queries, whether it's ingredients or allergies- we can help you keep your dog fed and healthy 

Store Opening Times

Monday: 9am- 6pm

Tuesday: 9am- 6pm

Wednesday: 9am- 6pm 

Thursday: 9am- 6pm

Friday: 9am- 6pm

Saturday: 9am- 6pm

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