Wellness CORE Food - for Dogs, Puppies, Cats & Kittens

Your pet’s wellbeing starts from the CORE.

With a commitment to the finest natural ingredients and the latest scientific innovation, Wellness CORE recipes contain key nutrition that is scientifically proven to promote superior wellbeing. Every Wellness CORE recipe is crafted the right way, with only the finest quality natural ingredients carefully selected to deliver the finest complete and balanced nutrition for your pet.

Wellness CORE for dogs and puppies is a family of high-protein natural dog food and treats available in grain-free and wholesome grains options. CORE is big on flavour and rooted in the belief that dogs love and thrive on hearty animal proteins. The Reward+ treat range provides healthy and functional rewards that cover skin and coat health, calming, mobility and digestion, while the Protein Bites are perfect grain -free options and the Puppy Trainers treats will help get that behaviour under control.

Wellness CORE cat and kitten food is a grain-free family of natural cat food that is packed with protein. It’s rich in meaty flavour and full of nutrient-dense nutrition. Bring delight to mealtimes with Wellness CORE meaty meals and snacks for cats.

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