Wheels to Paws UK and Pets & Friends; a Match Made in Doggy Heaven! Wheels to Paws UK and Pets & Friends; a Match Made in Doggy Heaven!

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Wheels to Paws UK and Pets & Friends; a Match Made in Doggy Heaven!

When it comes to your pets, our aim is to help you take the best care of them, whatever life throws their way- and this doesn’t ring more true than when it comes to our fantastic Bletchley store team and their incredible friendship with Claire-Louise and all the dogs at Wheels to Paws UK.

Wheels to Paws UK take in dogs from all over the World who have been mistreated either intentionally, or their owners are no longer able to care for them to a proper standard. The non-profit organisation, originally based down in Milton Keynes, has been visiting the Bletchley store for five years now to help feed and nurture the 27 dogs in their care.

From Chihuahuas to Bernese Mountain Dogs, Claire-Louise and the team have a LOT of mouths to feed, so making sure they get the right nutrition and care is crucial.

Over the years, Claire-Louise has looked to the team of nutritional advisors at Bletchley to help with an array of issues the dogs in their care come across, from potential allergies and stomach sensitivities, to helping improve the physical health of the dogs.

“Craig and the team are always there for us and on the ball when it comes to nutritional advice, for me this is what puts Pets & Friends above the competition when it comes to pet shops. I know they will be honest with me and manage my expectations of what food and treats my dogs will need.

Thanks to their advice and suggestions, my dogs get their ideal nutrition and as a result we have seen amazing improvements in their digestive health and even physical health”

Wheels to Paws UK recently relocated to Lincoln to allow for growth, however this has not stopped Claire-Louise and the team from making the 220-mile round trip to pick up the much-needed supplies. In 2019, the Bletchley store donated over 680 boxes of Wellness CORE dog food to the non-profit to help with feeding costs.

“As a small non-profit, we rely heavily on charitable donations, and Craig’s team of darlings have always helped us. Whether it’s donating food or sourcing medical equipment for us to help rehabilitate the dogs”

puppy rylan

Claire-Louise tells the story of Rylan Clarke-Neal, a pup who came to her at just two weeks old after being sold under false pretences to an unsuspecting owner who was told he was nine weeks old. “The team were quick to help, recommending products which were suitable for such a young pup and even finding us a dog pushchair we could use to help care for Rylan, thanks to their help he is now thriving”

Despite the increased distance, the two are just a phone call away from each other, Craig often calls on the team when customers are asking about rescue dogs “It’s like we have an extra side to the Bletchley team” says Craig “when customers are enquiring, I know Claire-Louise has responsible contacts for helping to re-home dogs so we can help find them their forever home, and we continue to see them return to store for their essentials and treats!”

With so many dogs to entertain, we asked Claire-Louise what her go to treats were to keep them entertained and compliment their different diets.

  • WHIMZEES- they love their dental chews! When rehabilitating a dog who has come from poor living conditions, dental health is so important, so we make sure everyone gets their daily chew to keep on top of their hygiene.
  • KONG Liver Paste- they all go crazy for this! We use this with behaviour training and for a tasty treat.
  • Fishy treats- pretty much anything fishy goes down well, salmon strips, or even fish shaped biscuits!

Want to find out more? You can head over to the Wheels to Paws UK Facebook page to follow the adventures of Rylan Clarke-Neal, Paul Young, Patrick Swayze and the gang. You can also visit your local store to discuss any pet queries with our advisors. We’re always on hand to help!