Wellness CORE Launch New Lamb Recipe Wellness CORE Launch New Lamb Recipe

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Wellness CORE Launch New Lamb Recipe

We know that as pet parents, nutrition is an important part of caring for your dog in the right way, and sometimes dogs can show signs of potential allergies or discomfort with certain foods. Recent studies have shown that optimum digestion is one of the top ten most important qualities that pet parents look for when choosing dog food.

Stomach upsets, including digestion-related issues can really affect your dog’s lifestyle, so by making sure their diet contains the right nutrition to help offset any digestive issues will help them become healthier and happier throughout their lifetime.  

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Leading grain-free dog food brand Wellness CORE have recently introduced the new Lamb recipe into their collection to help pet parents combat those digestive issues.

Why is Lamb different?

The Wellness CORE lamb recipe is made entirely of a single lamb protein source, with fresh lamb being the number one ingredient. Lamb is a fantastic, easily digestible red meat alternative to the chicken, turkey, and fish recipes.

Meat protein such as fresh lamb delivers better rates of digestibility, especially when compared to plant-based proteins used in other nutritional sources. Choosing lamb can help alleviate some digestive symptoms, particularly those pets suffering from food allergies.

The high-quality lamb used as part of the Wellness CORE recipe contains all the essential amino acids for cell growth, is a rich source of vitamin B phosphorus, zinc, iron, linolenic acid, and omega-6 fatty acids. All these nutrients make lamb the perfect choice for pet parents seeking to improve their dog’s digestive health.

Is the recipe grain-free?

As always, the Wellness CORE nutritional recipe uses grain-free carbohydrates, which helps avoid common grain and food allergies.

With more of the good stuff and no fillers, Wellness CORE delivers nutrition that helps dogs thrive from the CORE.

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The Wellness CORE Lamb recipe is now available online and in your local store and is suitable for all breeds.