Welcoming A New Member of the Family Welcoming A New Member of the Family

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Welcoming A New Member of the Family


We know how exciting and daunting it can be when you are introducing a new member to the family. This could be a puppy, kitten, rescue dog, cat or even a bearded dragon. Big or small we have created a couple of check lists to help you with the items which will help you with the transition. These can be found here:

Puppy/Rescue Dog

Kitten/Rescue Cat

Bunny/Guinea Pig (small animal)

Reptile – we have used Bearded Dragon as an example

In store we have a great experienced team who can help talk you through all the items which you might need and help you choose the products which work for both you and your new family member.

Free Nutritional Advice

In store we have a team of experts who can help you talk through the huge choice of different types of food which are available for your pet from working dog to RAW there are so many options out there. We cater for all dietary needs, including veterinary diets. We are here to help.  Feel free to use our free weighing scales in any of our stores, our staff will happily help you choose a suitable diet for your dog.

Puppy advice

  • Before bringing your puppy home: ensure your house is puppy proof, ensure cables, plants, items you don't want chewed are out of reach. Leave a blanket/bed with the breeder so that the mum's smell can go onto the blanket, this will help soothe your puppy when they come home with you.
  • Bringing your puppy home: let them explore the house at their own pace. Don't rush them or drag them anywhere. Remember your puppy has just come away from its mother and litter-mates, this is the first time they have been on their own without their family. They may whine or howl for the first few nights, they are not being "bad" and should not be told off, they are adjusting to a big change in their environment and are calling for their mother. It can help if you sleep downstairs with your puppy for the first few nights during this big change to provide company. Adaptil may also help settle your puppy as this is based on the calming hormones that the mother releases. Don't let visitors crowd the puppy. 
  • Children and dogs. Correct doggy etiquette: don't grab the puppy or pull the puppy around. Give the puppy a rest from playing with children. 
  • At our training classes, as well as showing you how to train your puppy and build a great bond, our trainers can give you advice on toilet training, crate training, how to stop puppy biting, jumping up and unwanted chewing.
  • Our training classes cover all your basic obedience commands that will set you up for a well behaved dog. The earlier you start training the better!