The Long Paws Comfort Harness: FAQs The Long Paws Comfort Harness: FAQs

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The Long Paws Comfort Harness: FAQs

When it comes to walkies, we want what’s best for our dogs. From rope leashes to harnesses, there is a lot of choice out there on how best to keep your dog comfortable when you’re adventuring. We’ve teamed up with dog adventure brand Long Paws to help answer some of your common questions about their comfort collection (and dog harness tips in general).

When do I need to use a harness?

We advise that you use a harness on your dog if it pulls. The Long Paws Comfort Harnesses are designed to give maximum control and comfort for you and your dog. Dogs can be prone neck injuries if they are pulling on a leash with just a collar. The harnesses have neoprene chest plates which distribute the weight and pressure over a bigger area of your dogs’ body and so reduces any strain on their necks. We also suggest using a harness when in the car to secure your dog whilst driving comfortably and safely. And finally, if you are off hiking or running with your dog, our comfort harness allows enough space for you to help grip your dog and help them over any larger obstacles such as non-dog friendly stiles or larger rocks!
How do I choose the right type of harness?

Choosing a dog harness is difficult with so many varieties available. Unless you are looking for a very specific harness (for example CaniX events), the Long Paws Comfort Collection Harnesses has you covered. It doesn't matter whether your day is filled with long walks on the beach, boisterous runs in the park, or chasing squirrels up a tree, the Long Paws Comfort Harness is designed to make it the ideal everyday harness to keep your dog safe and comfortable. Comfort Collection harnesses are ‘Step-In’ meaning your dog doesn’t have to have it put over their heads (which the majority of dogs do not like). They are padded, reflective, strong, and fully adjustable.

How do I measure my dog correctly for their harness?
  • Always ensure your dog is standing still.
  • Measure using a fabric tape measure or string.
  • Measure the chest immediately behind the forelegs and immediately in front. Both sizes should fit within the adjustable range.
  • If your dog's neck size overlaps two sizes, then unless you expect your dog to continue growing, the smaller of the two sizes is probably the better choice for your dog.
  • If your dog's head, neck, and body are all approximately the same size (i.e. as with Pugs and similar breeds), a step-in harnesses is not suitable for your dog.

How do I establish if it is fitted correctly?

Your dog harness should be snug, but you should still be able to slip your fingers under the straps, so it’s not too tight. The harness should not move much when your dog is walking or running, and they should be able to move freely.

What type of lead do I use with a harness? 

For the Comfort Collection Harness, we would suggest a Comfort Collection Rope Leash, as they are designed to work together. They have a locking karabiner safety clip that is super strong and a very comfy neoprene handle. The leash is made from an extremely strong woven rope that flexes just a little, to absorb shocks from heavy pullers and reduce strain on your shoulders. The 'boing' absorbs the initial pull shock and makes the leads comfortable to use whether you're out walking or jogging. Plus, it has an O ring ready for when you let your dog off for some off-leash fun – meaning you can enjoy your walkies hands free, and the leash securely tethered around your body.

Can I use a harness and coat together?

You certainly can! We advise that you put your dog’s coat or fleece underneath the Comfort Harnesses so that you can access the clips easily and you can see that the harness is fitted nicely. This also means that you can take advantage of the reflective elements of the harness so you and your dog can still be seen in the dark or low light.
You can shop the full Long Paws collection online and in-store. If you would like more information on dog walking accessories, drop us a line on our social channels or pop to your nearest Pets & Friends where our trained team members are always happy to help.