Veganuary: Pets & Friends Top Picks! Veganuary: Pets & Friends Top Picks!

Posted by Emma Oldroyd, on

Veganuary: Pets & Friends Top Picks!

Whatever our personal choices are regarding veganism, when it comes to our pets, vegan products aren’t always an option for a complete diet. 

Different pets have evolved to require different minerals and proteins which aren’t always achievable without animal products (such as taurine in cat food and treats) however, the vegan pet market is growing when it comes to non-food products! 

Our team have put together their top 5 vegan pet picks, so if veganism is your thing, you can make a more conscious choice for your pets this Veganuary.


Pet Head Shampoo and Conditioner

This range of vegan grooming products from Pet Head are perfect for all pooches! The fruit collection has a fragrance for every dog, including a puppy specific shampoo to keep their coats looking and feeling great between grooms. They even have a sensitive collection for dogs who have more delicate skin!


Pet Head Paw Butter

 As well as their shampoos and conditioners, Pet Head offer a vegan paw butter to help keep your dog’s paws in tip top condition! Used in our own grooming salons as part of our spa packages, the oatmeal and coconut butter can be used on both paws and noses in harsh weather conditions, or when they need a pick-me-up from dry skin.


Be Loved Vegan Shampoo Bar

Another option for pets with sensitive skin, the hemp and chamomile shampoo bar can help with itchy and dry skin without harming the planet. The Be Loved vegan shampoo bar is suitable for dogs, cats and horses and can be rubbed directly into their coat to work up a lather for the perfect pamper!


Imby Snooze and Sleep Treats

These calming treats not only help your dog relax whilst contributing to joint care, but they’re 100% plant based! Made with curcuma and chamomile, your dog can get a good nights’ rest whilst helping the planet.


Imby Plant Based Dog Food

The Imby food is 99.9% plant based- packed with a wide range of superfoods including pumpkin, sweet potato, and broccoli. The protein source comes from green peas, and the entire recipe is made with hypoallergenic principles, so it’s also great for dogs who may suffer intolerances to more common protein sources in their food.


Whilst not all pet products can be vegan, you can speak to our experts online and in-store about our products which have more sustainable packaging and ingredient sources to help you make the right decision for you and your pet.