Is A Pet Fish Right for Me? Is A Pet Fish Right for Me?

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Is A Pet Fish Right for Me?

Since lockdown hit over a year ago, the nation has gone pet mad! Whilst some households have welcomed new puppies, kittens, and small furry pals into the family- for some, these can be quite high maintenance pets. For some families, the idea of a first pet can be quite daunting, so in comparison, fish seem a good alternative to four-legged companions. If you’re thinking of investing in aquatic life, we’ve put together a handy guide to help you decide if fish are the right pets for you.

What species of fish should I get?

The big question- with so many to choose from, you need to find the perfect fit for your lifestyle and your home.

Cold Water (Fresh water)

Such as: Goldfish, Oranda’s, Koi.

These guys are high maintenance, living for a minimum of 20 years, cold water fish species will eat anything they can fit in their mouths! (including other fish!) so they grow quickly. These are the ideal species if you have plenty of room to upgrade tanks and habitats regularly.

Temperate (Fresh water)

Such as: Danio’s, Platy’s, Yamato Shrimp.

These guys are the perfect first pet for children, their average lifespan is between 2-5 years, they can live happily in cold water.

Tropical (Fresh water):

Such as: pleco’s, Malawi cichlid, silver shark, tetras.

Tropical fish are the most popular category of pet fish; their bright and colourful looks teamed with their enhanced activity are ideal for sensory stimulation so they make fantastic pets for children as well as those who want to sit back and enjoy their aquarium.

The life span of tropical fish varies greatly on their species, environment, and water temperature.

Marine (Salt water)

Such as: clownfish, surgeon fish.

Marine fish require large scale, frequent maintenance such as testing salt levels in their water and replicating the natural coral environments of marines. The perfect fish for aquatic enthusiasts and if you have plenty of time to invest in their care. The average life span for marine fish is around 12 years.

Can I mix my fish?

Whilst it’s nice to have a variation of species, we would always suggest investing a range of fish that require the same water and environment maintenance.

What do I need to kit out my new pet fish?

Fish outgrow their tanks, so to start out it is best to get a standard size fish tank that will accommodate them for as long as possible. For Coldwater fish, every cm a fish grows it requires 2 litres of water, for all other categories every cm a fish grows it needs 1 litre of water. (remember, you must always treat your water with de-chlorinator before transferring your fish to their new home)

You will need a water filter- under the Animal Welfare Act 2006, all aquariums require a water filter.

Fish food does vary for each species, so be sure to ask your aquatic specialist about their diets.

Invest in a thermometer- aquariums which home tropical and marine fish must always be set between 25-27 degrees.

Most importantly, always purchase your fish from an aquatics specialist to ensure they have had the best possible start to life.

If you’re thinking of investing in fish or any aquatic life, pop into your nearest store where our staff members will be able to help you make the right choices for their environment, food and stimulation. You can also shop our full range of fish supplies online.