Help Avoid Allergies with Imby Plant-based and Insect-based Dog Food. Help Avoid Allergies with Imby Plant-based and Insect-based Dog Food.

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Help Avoid Allergies with Imby Plant-based and Insect-based Dog Food.

Does your dog suffer from a food allergy? Here at Pets and Friends, we want to help you take the best care of your pet, and that includes helping you find the perfect nutritional balance and recipe to keep your dog in tip top health.

A lot of ingredient allergies and intolerances can go undiagnosed in dogs, but if your dog does react to common ingredients such as chicken, dairy, wheat, egg or soya- it can be hard to find the perfect hypoallergenic solution. We would always recommend consulting your vet if your dog has a bad reaction to something in their diet.  

One hypoallergenic solution to intolerances is the Imby range of plant-based and insect-based dog food.

  • Imby insect-based dog food contains insect powder from mealworms as the source of protein.
  • Imby is free from wheat and soya, which are common allergens found in a lot of dog food recipes.
  • Insect-based dog food is rich in probiotics- with added chickory and brewer’s yeast to promote optimal digestion.
  • Not only is Imby hypoallergenic, but is a sustainable dog food recipe too!

Imby Frequently Asked Questions


Is Imby insect-based dog food complete?

The Imby recipes are complete and balanced. They meet the natural nutritional needs of dogs in all respects and do not require any supplements.

How can I switch my dog over to an Imby recipe?

Imby nutritionists recommend a transition period of 10 days: on the first day mix 10% Imby food with 90% of the old food. If your dog responds well, you can add an extra 10% every day. In this way, from the 10th day onwards you are completely on the Imby food. (Please note: this is different for every dog, if your dog does not have any problems you can transition more quickly)

Is Imby food easily digestible?

Definitely! Mealworms are even more digestible than fishmeal, which is known for its digestibility properties. Mealworms have a digestibility of 90%. Moreover, mealworms have a high amino acid content, which supports daily activity.

Has Imby been tested thoroughly?

Imby food has been tested by a team of nutritionists and vets

Are Imby insect-based dog food recipes gluten-free?

Yes, Imby is free of wheat, barley and rye, the main gluten causing allergies. There are small traces of gluten in most cereals, but it is very unlikely that these cause allergies. The corn gluten in Imby recipes actually contains no gluten.

Are Imby recipes grain-free?

All Imby recipes are free from wheat, barley and rye but they do use naked oats and white rice in their recipes. These ingredients are chosen for their high nutritional value: a slow release of energy and a healthy support of blood sugar levels.

Want to know more about Imby? Speak to our nutritional experts on how an insect-based or plant-based diet can be a great alternative for dogs with allergies and intolerances.