GO GUIDE: Adventure Your Dog's Way with Ruffwear GO GUIDE: Adventure Your Dog's Way with Ruffwear

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GO GUIDE: Adventure Your Dog's Way with Ruffwear

For many modern pet parents, life can get very busy, very quickly outside of your pet bubble. If the pandemic has taught us anything, it’s that sometimes it’s okay to slow down and just go with the flow. 

We’ve teamed up with Dog adventure experts Ruffwear, who have put together an amazing ‘Go Guide’ this year to help pet parents find new ways of bonding with their dogs. The Adventure Gog Guide is a list of ways Ruffwear are replacing "Go get..." and "Go shop..." with "Go outside..." It's about spending more time in the moment with the furry ones we love. Because if we follow our dogs' lead, the greatest kind of rush is really that joyful feeling from sharing experiences, moments, and – of course – treats together.




Tail wags make for great morning motivation, even when the alarm's set for dark o'clock. Time your adventure to finish at daybreak or pack a warm drink and seek out a new overlook. There's nothing like a sunrise with your sidekick to kickstart your day.



Want to learn a new trick together? Tackle a local summit? Add a game of fetch to your daily routine? No need to wait for the new year to start working toward a new goal. Pick a day, and your dog will surely be game to go for it with you.



Whether it’s by moonlight, starlight, or local Christmas lights, head outside with your best buddy to unwind and spend some time admiring your local nightscape.



Endless emails, notifications, ads, and newsfeeds – our dogs manage just fine

without ‘em, why can't we? Try going screen-less for an hour, an afternoon, a day. Give it a go, and you just might get a glimpse of the world from your dog’s perspective.



Was that squirrel-shaped rock always there? It’s amazing how a change of pace makes a familiar trail new again. Slow it down, take your time, and notice more of the little things while your pup lingers to sniff something new.


We all have our favourites, our go-tos – our routine trails and paths. Whether there’s some place already on your list or you need to pull out a map to find one, going somewhere new with your dog is a great way to begin an adventure.


Wherever your adventure takes you, here at Pets & Friends we can help you kit out your four-legged sidekick with the right gear to stay comfortable and safe. Head down to your local store for a free harness measuring and fitting service (no appointment required!) if you’re unsure of which size to buy your buddy; or shop all our dog walking accessories, including Ruffwear, online today.