Eco-Friendly Pets! Our Top Brand Picks Which can Help You Take the Best Care of Your Pet and the Planet. Eco-Friendly Pets! Our Top Brand Picks Which can Help You Take the Best Care of Your Pet and the Planet.

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Eco-Friendly Pets! Our Top Brand Picks Which can Help You Take the Best Care of Your Pet and the Planet.

As we all try to make regular changes to our products and lifestyles to help reduce the affect we have on the planet- it can be easy to forget that pet products have a footprint too! Brands across the pet industry are always actively trying to reduce their carbon footprint by making their products and production methods more eco-friendly.

To help guide pet parents, we’ve put together our top brands currently available online who have an eco-friendly ethos, for anyone looking to improve their own carbon footprint.

First up is a new collection from pet adventure brand Long Paws! They have designed a specific collection of earth-friendly camo accessories so your dog can look the part and help save the planet.

The Long Paws earth-friendly collection is made from recycled plastic bottles and comes with the Long Paws lifetime guarantee too!



Becoming eco-friendly can also start with your pet’s diet. Edgard & Cooper are another fantastic, eco-friendly brand, who’s mantra is ‘feed them, feel good’. The natural dog food brand have a ‘zero pawprint 2025 plan’ strategy which includes their sustainable packaging and much more.

Their recipes are derived of fresh meat and real fruits and vegetables (sourced locally where possible) which provide the essential, balanced nutrients for your pet. Their food is slow baked, at a lower temperature and transported with chilled trucks to avoid the need for processing their food.

Not only is their food super tasty and nutritious, it arrives in 100% biodegradable kibble bags (made from FCS certified paper & potatoes), which, when industrially composted, will disappear in 6 months vs the hundreds of years some plastic alternatives will be around. The wet food recipes are also canned in metal, which is not only the most recycled material on earth- but it helps lock in the nutrients for longer. Edgard & Cooper tinned food holds its nutritional goodness for 24 months! Which also helps reduced pet food waste.

edgard & cooper dog food


Speaking of waste…

Our next eco-friendly brand on the list is all about helping you dispose of your cat waste, naturally! WeCat cat litter is a 100% natural cat litter which is entirely compostable! The softer, clumping cat litter is designed to last longer than regular cat litter (the average 3.5kg bag can last more than 40 days for one cat when used correctly) using natural additives to avoid mould. WeCat can also be disposed of naturally, either via your toilet pipes (with zero risk of pipe clogging) or in your organic waste bin.

The natural colour of WeCat can also help you keep an eye on your cat’s health, the white grains make any toilet waste anomalies (such as blood spots) easier to see.


Last up on our list but by no means least is the amazing Beco range! The uniquely designed dog bowls and feeding accessories are manufactured from sustainable materials such as bamboo and recyclable plastics.

The Beco pledge is ‘working to preserve’, with all their products using carefully considered materials which can help reduce climate change. This includes sourcing as many materials as locally as possible, using recyclable & sustainable materials, investing in advanced tech to reduce carbon footprint and maintaining high ethical standards.

beco dog bowl


You can read more about the Beco ethos over on their website, where they also list exactly where all their materials and products are sourced.

So there you have it, these are our current top choices, but many brands are constantly working to improve their carbon footprint and source more sustainable options to help keep your pets fed, healthy and happy as well as saving the planet! You can shop all these ranges on the website, as well as in your local store- where our nutritional experts are also on hand to answer your queries about natural pet food options.