How to Keep your Pets & Kids Entertained During the Summer! How to Keep your Pets & Kids Entertained During the Summer!

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How to Keep your Pets & Kids Entertained During the Summer!

School's out for summer! Now that schools and kids have broken up for the summer holiday you may find your daily routine is completely changed. Dogs who are maybe used to having a nice quite day on their own snoozing in their dog bed or with you by their side will have their daily routine turned upside down as the kids take over for the summer. 

If you don't have any children our helpful tips below can be still be put into practice to help keep your dog busy while you are at work, or away from home for short periods of time as we all know that keeping your dog entertained can be a challenge.


To help you out we've put together a list of simple ways to keep your dog busy indoors, which you can do yourself and challenge your kids to get involved with as well while school's out. Dogs who are bored can easily get into mischief, as their dog parents we're their main source of entertainment, so if we're not giving them stuff to do they'll come up with activities of their own - and that's when we end up with things magically disappearing from kitchen sides and found later hidden in their bed, or chewed up into a million pieces on your lawn - we've all been there as dog owners. By giving your dog new, fun and exciting challenges, lots of daily exercise and playtime, you can limit the likelihood of them getting up to mischief!

1. Stuff a KONG Dog Toy 

Stuffed KONG's are a winner with my 4 dogs and with me! They're really simple to prepare and will keep your dog busy, if you haven't tried stuffing a KONG before.. what are you waiting for?! My dogs have a few favourites that they prefer but I like to experiment with different recipes, here's a few below that I use every week. Using a stuffed KONG is the perfect way to keep your dog busy while you're at work. Put your stuffed KONG in the freezer overnight and give it to your dog in the morning as you're leaving. 

Peanut Butter

Dogs LOVE this sticky, savoury snack. Don't forget to always use an unsweetened peanut butter when feeding to your dogs! Also it's particularly messy so avoid giving to your dog on your favourite rug! Peanut butter is ideal for sealing up the ends of your dogs KONG toy as it helps to keep the contents secure inside! 

Want to go really simple? We stock the KONG Easy Treat Paste Fillings, they come in three different tasty flavours your dog will love, their nozzle also makes them really easy to dispense.


 Chunks of Fruit & Veggies 

Not only is this a really healthy option, but large chunks will make your dog work harder to get them out! Carrots, cucumber, apples, bananas, blueberries are popular in our house. Make up a quick vegetable stock (using just a pinch of one that contains as little salt or sugar as possible) and freeze.


Biscuits & Dry Food 

Even something as simple as stuffing their KONG with their favourite biscuits or a portion of their dry food, then sealing with some peanut butter is super quick and easy to do.


KONG Stuffed

2. Dog puzzles and long lasting chews

Keep you dog mentally stimulated by giving them a puzzle to solve, this a great way to get the kids involved. See if they can make up new games to play with the dog out of household items. For those of you who are maybe not so 'crafty' and are wanting something ready made check out our fantastic range of slow feeders and treat dispensers. 

There's also loads of DIY dog toys out there you can make, just checkout Pinterest. I love the simple muffin tin game - if you have a muffin tin and some tennis balls you're ready to play. Let the non-fury kids hide treats for their fury friends underneath the balls. 

Also why not let the kids brush up on the dog training. Sit, down, leave, stay or roll over is great fun and helpful to keep both safe. How about speak on command? 

If you want to give your dog something to chew on for a while we love the YAKERS Bars, they are available in 3 sizes so perfect for all breeds.


As long as your dog is over 4 months old YAKERS Bars dog chews will be perfect for them, whether they are serious power chewers or for those dogs who are a little more gentle with their treats! YAKERS are softer in comparison to extra tough dog chews like the Antlers & Buffalo Horns that we sell, but can take much more chewing that a standard dog chew. The hard texture means dogs need to soften and work at the treat potentially for hours before they're rewarded with small pieces to chew off.


3. Get outdoors! 

If the weather allows go for a picnic after a nice long walk in the woods (don't forget to pack your doggy sun cream and portable water bowl) or a family trip to a dog friendly beach. If you're planning a little day trip or big family fun holiday with your dog this summer, be sure to read the Pets & Friends Guide to Travelling with your Dog.


4. Arrange a Doggy Play Date 

Does you dog have some doggy friends? Invite them over for some play time or make a plan to meet up for a walk. It's so satisfying to see dogs engaging in play with one another, and it's pretty much guaranteed you'll have at least one tired dog at the end of the day. Take this time to catch up with some household jobs or maybe just chill in the garden with a Gin...