Dog Nutrition: Collards Dog Food Dog Nutrition: Collards Dog Food

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Dog Nutrition: Collards Dog Food

When it comes to our dogs, getting the right nutrition is paramount for pet parents. The right nutrition leads to healthier dogs in general: from thick, shiny coats to supple joints and happy, waggy tails. Your dogs food is the base for their health at each stage of their life.

Collards dog food ticks all the right boxes when it comes to offering a nutritionally balanced meal for your dog, right from puppy weaning through to old age. We’ve taken a look at how they tick these boxes and why Collards could be the ideal recipe for your dog.

Collards is a complete and balanced dog food.

Carefully crafted; each Collards recipe begins with a single source of meat or fish, which is then supplemented with essential vitamins, minerals, and oils to give you dog a healthy diet.

Collards avoids using bulking agents such as wheat gluten or dairy; avoiding these can help alleviate potential digestive upsets or allergies in some dogs as they can be quite difficult to digest.

A range for everyone.

No matter their age or size, Collards offers a recipe for your dog. Their puppy food is packed full of extra protein and palatable recipes to help wean your puppy and help them grow into a fit and healthy adult dog.

For smaller breeds, Collards have created recipes specifically designed to meet the special needs of small breed dogs. Made with tasty chicken, which is easy to digest, along with other natural ingredients designed keep your small dog healthy inside and out

The older/overweight range also provides added support for their immune system, as well as a more balanced recipe to keep fat levels down for dogs who may be less active in their old age.

Awareness from farm to store.

Not only is Collards dog food fully traceable from farm, to factory, to store (as they use only human grade cuts of meat in their recipes) but Collards are transparent in how and why they use certain packaging. Their tins are 100% recyclable, and their wet food trays are sealed with foil to help avoid oxidation for as long as possible: keeping those nutrients in and providing your dog with a healthier recipe.

If you’re thinking of switching your dog food, don’t forget to read our guide on how to transition your dog to a new food, as well as our Collards case studies. You can try Collards today and order online, or pop to your nearest Pets & Friends store to speak to our nutritional advisors, who can help you find the perfect recipe for your pooch.