Weight Management Tips for a Healthy Dog in association with Wellness CORE Weight Management Tips for a Healthy Dog in association with Wellness CORE

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Weight Management Tips for a Healthy Dog in association with Wellness CORE

Your dog’s quality of life is best when they are in optimal physical condition. Walks and play are less fun if your dog tires quickly and is easily out of breath. Recent studies show that over half of dogs in the UK are overweight*. Taking the issue seriously is the only way to protect our furry friends from the risk of developing debilitating health problems. So we teamed up with the experts at Wellness CORE to see what can be done about pet obesity.

Often it is hard for us to admit that our furry friend may need to lose a few pounds. Wellness CORE Vet and Global Nutrition Expert, Dr. Danielle Bernal sheds some light on the matter. “People tend to humanise their pet and whilst they think “ohhh he has only gained 2 pounds – that isn’t too much”, the reality is that on a smaller breed dog this is a big weight gain.”

Is your dog overweight?

Here are some very simple health checks that you can perform at home.

  • Can you feel your dog’s ribs?
  • Can you see your dog’s waist, when looking from above?
  • Do you feel an upward curve as you run your hand underneath your dog from the chest to the rear?

The PFMA Healthy Weight Hub launched in 2018 where you will find a range of helpful tools designed to help you check your dog’s weight, size etc.

Your dog’s health starts from the CORE

There are three key words for making your food selection when it comes to animal health and wellbeing: high protein, moderate fats, and low carbohydrates. “With dietary protein key to all its foods, Wellness CORE is scientifically proven to support the well-being of dogs across all breeds and research has consistently shown that a diet rich in meat protein will ensure a glossier coat and healthier digestive system. Compared to some other foods, whatever CORE recipe you choose is a good choice, though the low-fat Wellness CORE recipe is perfect if your dog is already overweight,” says Dr. Bernal.

If your furry friend does need to lose a few pounds, our special Wellness CORE Low-Fat recipe contains 30% less fat than their original products. It also has more protein for strong, lean muscle mass; glucosamine and chondroitin sulphate for mobility and omega fatty acids to support skin and coat health.

A few last tips to keep your tail-wagging friend fit

  • Choose a high-quality and nutritious treat
  • Include treats in your dog’s daily food allowance.
  • Follow the feeding guidelines on your pet’s favourite food packaging.
  • Go for a 20-30-minute walk. It’s enough to boost your dog’s immune system and improve cardiovascular health.

*PFMA Obesity Report 2019