Walk Your Dog Month: Pets & Friends Top Picks! Walk Your Dog Month: Pets & Friends Top Picks!

Posted by Emma Oldroyd, on

Walk Your Dog Month: Pets & Friends Top Picks!

Did you know January is walk your dog month? Whilst our dogs need daily exercise to stay healthy, January is a month to celebrate all things dog walking including our favourite walking trails and those all-important walking essentials!

In addition to those regular essentials such as leads, harnesses and poo bags- our team have put together their top 5 walking accessories which they cannot leave the house without!

Poo Bag Holder

“The poo bag holder has revolutionised our walks” says Amy, the Pets & Friends trading manager. “I no longer have to faff about finding the end of a poo bag roll during those crucial moments! I just pull one out and voila, we can go on about our walk. Plus, brands like Long Paws and CocoPup offer some really stylish bags, so it doesn’t have to be boring to be useful!”

Dog Water Bottle

Perfect for larger dogs and full days out, a dog friendly water bottle fits easily into bags and boots without the fear of spillage, so your pooch can enjoy fresh, cool water wherever you end up. Cat, the Pets & Friends designer always has one on hand “Our retriever Dennis loves a long walk, which makes him a thirsty boy, so having a bottle just for him on hand is ideal. They’re also really useful for any mud-rolling incidents which need a quick clean!”


Treats aren’t just for training! They’ll help keep your dog’s energy levels up during walks, especially extra long walks. 

Dog Towel

A dog towel IS an essential, says Shaun from our marketing team. “9 times out of 10 our dogs get muddy or wet during walkies, having a dog towel in the car or backpack saves your furniture, carpets and clothes as well as drying the dogs quickly!”. The Henry Wag collection of dog towels has something for every dog, from drying coats to noodle mats- ensuring your dog is dry after walks will also keep their coat in good condition.

Ball Launcher

Walkies can be an exciting time, and when the opportunity arises, it’s the perfect time to play ball in those wide open spaces. For dogs who love to fetch, ball launchers are a great to have on hand (some come with belt clips!) so you can have all the fun without an achy arm afterwards.

If you’re looking for more dog walking accessories, speak to our experts online or in-store, where we can help you find the perfect harness or toy to keep walkies interesting. We also offer a free harness and coat fitting service across all of our stores, so your pooch can look the part whilst out on an adventure!