Top Tips on Grooming Your Dog During Warmer Weather Top Tips on Grooming Your Dog During Warmer Weather

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Top Tips on Grooming Your Dog During Warmer Weather

Grooming your dog during the summer isn’t as simple as keep their coats nice and short, in fact, for some dogs clipping their fur can cause them to overheat. That’s why our grooming gurus have put together a quick guide on how to keep your dog’s coat and nails in top condition to help them cope through the summer months.  


  • It’s important to remember that dogs sweat through their feet, so always make sure their feet and pads are free from excess hair during warmer weather.
  • Did you know dogs can suffer from sunburn? Especially white-haired breeds, that’s why we would always recommend a professional groom during the summer months to ensure their fur isn’t clipped too short and their skin is exposed.
  • Cooling fur. For many long-haired breeds, their coat is designed to help protect them from the heat and regulate their body temperature, so it’s important that their coats stay at the right length during warmer months.
  • Double coats. Double coated dog breeds should keep up their regular grooming regime over the summer, this way they can get rid of any dead fur, which in turn will help them regulate their body temperature.
  • Unsure about clipping? Between grooms you can use cooling coats, cooling mats and ice bandanas as well as cooling toys to help keep your dog cool and happy whilst it’s hot!


Getting to the groomers.

Whatever you do, do not walk your dog to your local grooming salon during hotter days. You should always drive your dog with plenty of cold/fresh air available on your journey.

If you’re worried about grooming your dog over the summer, you can speak to our grooming gurus who are on hand to offer advice on the best options for your dog throughout the year.