The Best Toys and Treats for Dogs with Hearing Issues The Best Toys and Treats for Dogs with Hearing Issues

Posted by Emma Oldroyd, on

The Best Toys and Treats for Dogs with Hearing Issues

Did you know- some breeds of dogs have a deafness rate of 40% or more? It’s not uncommon to come across 2 or 3 deaf dogs whilst you’re out walking your own!

Deaf dog awareness week takes place every September, and this year, we’ve joined forces with the amazing Puggy Smalls to help raise awareness for dogs who suffer from hearing issues.

Puggy sadly lost his hearing after a bout of ear infections and the surgery required to keep him happy and healthy. That doesn’t affect him though, deaf dogs can still be great communicators, and it’s important you’re equipped with the right tools to keep them comfortable, calm, and feeling safe.

Puggy has popped together a list of his favourite products so you can help support your hearing-impaired pooch and still have tonnes of fun!


Puggy’s Favourites

Comforting dog toys like the Happy Pet Honkers Pig are great for a cuddle.
Puzzles! Interactive toys like the Nina Ottosson Level 2 Puzzle are perfect for enrichment.

Low calorie treats! Useful for puzzle toys, or just because. The Beco chamomile treats are also great for calming.

Calming essentials like the Pet Remedy Calming Bandana can help keep your pooch calm when they no longer hear your verbal cues. 

Occupier chews like YAKERS yak chews or Chewllagen rolls are perfect for keeping them entertained with something tasty and natural.

A soft, snuggly blanket like the Ancol Luxury Blanket is perfect for when your dog needs that extra dose of comfort. 



Looking for more advice on how to help your deaf dog? You can speak to our experts in-store or using our Pets Chat service for more recommendations or training solutions.