Ten of the Best Tough Dog Toys Ten of the Best Tough Dog Toys

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Ten of the Best Tough Dog Toys

Does your dog love to chew? We know that sometimes our four-legged friends can get a little enthusiastic when it comes to chomping on whatever’s lying around, so our pet experts have put together their top 10 tough dog toys which can help keep their teeth busy and in tip top shape.

First up, the DOGGI range of toys has only launched in the UK this week and has proved a huge hit with customers and colleagues alike- earning its place in the top 10. The virtually indestructible toys are 100% recyclable tough dog toys and come in 3 distinctive shapes so your dog can pick their favourite and enjoy for hours on end. Each toy also comes with a handle for humans or dogs, so you can play fetch, tug of war, or simply let them chew.

Next up is the original tough dog toy range, the KONG. The KONG Extreme by far the most durable of the KONG toy collection, each shape is made from a unique, ultra-durable natural rubber which also features a compartment to fill with delicious treats for your dog. The KONG Goodie Bone has all the features of a KONG in a classic bone-shaped dog toy, giving your dog hours of chewing time.  

Third on our list is the Gigwi Armor collection. These are a range of tough but cuddly characters who are designed for comfort and fun. Each soft dog toy comes prepared with a thermoplastic rubber (TPR) set of armour to ensure they last a very long time. Some characters also come with a squeaker for dogs who love a noisy playtime.

If your dog prefers a classic game of fetch to a chew toy, the Chuckit Ultra balls and Happy Pet Indestructible balls are hard-wearing balls which can be thrown far and withstand even the toughest jaws.

Looking for something bigger? The Gigwi Jumball is not only made from durable rubber but comes with a handle so you can play fetch with this giant basketball-style dog toy.

If a game of tug is your dog’s thing, then the Happy Pet Twist-tee Knot Tugger is the toy for them. Designed using strong recycled materials, each knot tugger comes in a variety of bright colours too, so your dog will never lose it.

The Zeus dog toy collection also features a couple of extra tough dog toys for excited pooches. The bomber ball has 2 handles for the ultimate tug of war game and it even floats. There’s also the Zeus Studs range, which are specially constructed soft toys made from heavy duty canvas reinforced with an inner layer of ballistic fabric for the ultimate playtime.

Want to find out more about how chewing tough dog toys can help keep your dog happy and healthy? Speak to our pet experts in-store or via live chat to talk toys, treats and more.