Tackling the Great Outdoors with Your Dog: Tips and Recommendations Tackling the Great Outdoors with Your Dog: Tips and Recommendations

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Tackling the Great Outdoors with Your Dog: Tips and Recommendations

As pet ownership increases, as are adventures with pets; many pet parents are taking dogs on longer hikes, tackling much tougher terrain, and facing all of the elements!

For those of you just starting out, we’ve teamed up with adventure lovers Long Paws and put together a list of top tips and kit essentials to help you out:

  1. Make a plan! Always plan your trip and your route. If travelling by car make sure you have space for your dog to be securely fastened and to be comfy. Plan your route - know where to park, and research whether the trail is dog friendly e.g., does it have dog friendly gates/stiles along the way? There is nothing worse than setting off to find the stiles aren’t dog friendly and you’re having to lift your big muddy adventure buddy over them!
  2. Prepare for your hike! We would suggest doing this the day before. Pack your rucksack and get all of your kit ready. Make a check list and ensure you have packed the essentials, not only for yourself but your dog too. (see our recommended kit list below)
  3. Keep your dog well hydrated and cool at all times. Stop for frequent water breaks, and remember whenever you have a drink, to offer your dog water too (use our Ultimate Dog Water Bottles). Even when the weather is wet and its cold, we humans still need to stay hydrated – but your dog even more so!
  4. Know your and your dog’s limits. Do some research on your dogs’ breed and also think about how much daily exercise they are used to. So, if you’re thinking of taking your dog on their first epic outdoor adventure, remember to ease them in - start small with shorter hikes, and build them up slowly!
  5. Keep an eye out for livestock! You will come across lots of wild animals on your hiking trails, some that your dog may not be used to. Keep an eye on any signs that your dog should be on its lead, even super well-behaved dogs can be distracted by new sights and smells! We would recommend starting out with your dog on its lead so that you can train them up and enjoy your hikes together.
  6. Finally, make sure you’re both kitted out with our quality adventure dog kit. It will make both your and your dog’s time in the great outdoors much more enjoyable! 

Long Paws are focused on spending every moment possible with our loyal canine sidekicks. Exploring and adventuring is our way of life, and they aim to provide dogs & pet parents with the very best adventure dog kit. Whether it be on those long hiking trails, beautiful boat rides, awesome camping expeditions, beach trips, or just hanging out together at your local coffee shop –Long Paws has you covered!


Recommended Adventure Kit:
  • Comfort Collar & Harness – Made from soft & comfy neoprene. Washing machine friendly!
  • Dog Water Bottle – to keep your pup always hydrated.
  • Bungee Lead Extender – Shock absorber, and can also be used as a close control handle when walking around livestock.
  • TickPick – Keyring tick remover so that you can remove ticks right away!
  • Poop Porter – Used Poop bag holder. Can be hooked onto your rucksack, leads, or belt. Help keep our countryside dog poop free!
  • Multi-functional Training Leash – Perfect for camping trips, hiking around livestock, hands free hiking, and walking two dogs together.
  • Neon Trek High-Viz Reflective collars & leads – for low light and night-time walking.
  • Extra Poop Bags
  • Energy Bar/ Treats for your dog
  • Blanket/dog towel
  • Favourite Toy/Ball
  • Dog First Aid Kit
  • Pet Insurance details