Puppy’s First Vet Visit: What to Expect Puppy’s First Vet Visit: What to Expect

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Puppy’s First Vet Visit: What to Expect

As a new parent, preparing your home for your new arrival is part of the fun! But before you’re ready to welcome your new family member, there is one final step before the real fun begins, and that’s the crucial first vet visit.

You should always get your puppy checked at the vets as soon as possible, both to ensure your puppy is in good health before you bring them home from their breeder or adoption centre and to help them get used to their vet visits right from the start.

What happens during my puppy’s first visit to the vet?

The first visit will include an overall check up of their general health; they will give your pup a thorough examination of their skin and coat, check for signs of parasites such as fleas and worms, and examine their teeth as well as weighing them. If your puppy hasn’t already had their first round of vaccinations- your vet will do these as part of this visit.

(Puppies should be vaccinated between 8-10 weeks, with the follow up between 10-12 weeks)

Your vet will also check that your puppy is microchipped (microchipping is compulsory for all dogs in the UK aged over 8 weeks). If this hasn’t been done, your vet can either do this as part of your first visit, or ensure an appointment is made as soon as possible.

Always double check with your breeder or rescue centre both your puppy’s vaccination and microchipping status- their details will need to be updated as they move into your home.

How do I help make the first visit positive for my puppy?

First impressions are crucial, so making the journey and entrance to the vets as stress free as you can, will help give your pup a great experience.

Firstly, when you book the appointment- ask if there is opportunity to visit at a quieter time of day so your pup isn’t surrounded by other animals for too long. If there is a long wait, ask if you can stay in your car until your appointment time (this is especially important if your puppy isn’t vaccinated).

We would also recommend taking someone with you, two pet parents to one puppy can help when there are admin requirements and potentially back and forth from the car/waiting room.

Take a treat or toy to keep them occupied! Positive association with the vets such as their favourite treat or toy will not only distract them for a while, but it may even get their tails wagging every time they go.

How much will my puppy’s first vet visit cost?

The cost of their first check-up will vary depending on their breed and size, as well as if any ‘extras’ are required such as vaccinations or microchipping. Providing your puppy is in good health, regular visits will be generally cheaper than the first check-up, but we would always recommend insuring your puppy to cover any veterinary costs, especially unexpected ones!