Making the Switch: Collards Real Life Success Stories Making the Switch: Collards Real Life Success Stories

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Making the Switch: Collards Real Life Success Stories

When it comes to changing our dog’s food- it’s a big decision. So, it’s important that these decisions are well informed from all aspects, as well as promoting the health benefits of different foods; sometimes pet parents need assurance from others who have made the switch already.

Recently, we spoke to the owners of a few good doggos who have moved over to Collards dog food. After seeing some impressive changes in their dog’s health and behaviour, they gave us the lowdown on how Collards has improved their dog’s life through diet.

elvis the doodlelab

6-month-old Labradoodle Elvis was sent to his forever home with a science brand, a dry bag of complete food. He was struggling to toilet train, drinking far more water than his pet parents had seen their previous dogs.

Elvis was a good boy going to the door for toilet time, but we noticed that he couldn’t control his weeing a lot of the time. We thought it was excitement initially with him still being a pup and meeting new people constantly, but we saw how much he was drinking.

Having fed our old dog Collards, we spoke to Adrian in the Pets & Friends Customer Care team and he suggested making the switch and add in some of the wet trays to see if this kept him hydrated for longer and control those toilet urges.

It certainly worked. Since December (2023) Elvis has been enjoying his meals thoroughly, drinking regularly and we’ve had no toilet accidents. Best of all, we’ve been able to switch between the puppy recipes so he’s always got an interest in his dinner, we use the grain-free puppy variety pack which also has the duck recipe for him to enjoy.

Reggie, a Staffordshire bull terrier/Labrador cross who seemed to never be full and suffer from tummy upsets regularly.

Though he’s never been diagnosed with allergies or illness; Reggie had regular diarrhoea no matter what food he ate. We thought it was down to all the extras that we fed him as he never seemed full. At the time he was on a mixed diet of butchers wet tins with a pedigree mixer; we decided to visit a specialist shop to see if there was anything we could do to help. The advisors at Pets & Friends recommended a grain-free wet dog food alternative, we went with Collards as it was the most budget friendly option.

Since we started feeding him Collards in March (2021) we’ve seen a great improvement in how he eats and what he eats. He doesn’t have toilet trouble anymore and he rarely begs (even Collards can’t keep him away from a big juicy steak!) He’s a big dog, we’ve seen his weight even off now he doesn’t ask for scraps and he’s even shedding less.

We would definitely recommend Collards, he loves the chicken & turkey wet recipes- and now he wolfs it down without any mixer!  

Five-year-old Eva, a Staffordshire bull terrier/Rhodesian ridgeback also saw health improvements after making the switch to Collards wet and dry recipes.

We switched to Collards back in February (2021) after feeding a pedigree/bakers mix for a while. Eva’s weight has been fluctuating as sometimes she wasn’t keen to eat her food and was stuff suffering the side effects of an old knee injury. We decided to move to Collards after discussing her issues with the nutritional staff at Pets & Friends.

We can’t recommend Collards enough! We saw a difference in Eva immediately after the switch, she never turns her nose up at a meal now- her weight has stabilised thanks to regular eating and is visibly less hungry during the day.

We’ve seen some other great benefits too- her breath is much better with Collards dry kibble and her coat is glossier than it’s ever been! She loves the duck or chicken cans mixed with the dry lamb recipe- flavour is a big driver for her and I think before she simply couldn’t smell or taste the distinct flavours in the food.

If you’re looking to switch your dog food, speak to one of our in-store nutritional experts who can help recommend the right nutritional options for your dog. You can also read up on how to transition your dogs food online.