Keep Your Dog Occupied with Our Top Toys for Long Days Indoors Keep Your Dog Occupied with Our Top Toys for Long Days Indoors

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Keep Your Dog Occupied with Our Top Toys for Long Days Indoors

Now the world is getting back to normal, our four-legged friends may be seeing less of us during the day. Whether they’re a new dog who’s never been home alone, or your best friend who’s going to miss you terribly again; it’s important to help keep them stimulated when you’re not available for cuddles, walkies, and playtime.

We’ve put together a list of our top boredom busters which will help your dog stay busy for hours and help avoid them getting overly chewy with your furniture!

The Lickimat. The perfect puzzle for your pooch! Fill it with their favourite tasty paste or pate, your dog will love making sure every morsel is snaffled. (Top tip- pop it in the freezer for a bit to make it last even longer!)

The Pet Remedy Boredom Buster. Hide your dog’s favourite treats in each pocket and fold up for hours of fun! The boredom buster encourages your dog’s instinct to forage and eat. Plus, the concentration needed to hunt for their treats will no doubt tire them out- resulting in a nice long snooze.  (Top tip- try to fold the pockets differently each time so your dog doesn’t get used to the layout!)

YAKERS Himalayan dog chews are an extra long-lasting chew designed to keep your dog busy for hours. They 100% natural chews have a hard texture, meaning dogs need to work to soften before they can enjoy the chew in smaller bites. They’re low in fat too- so munching on one of these during the day will compliment their usual daily diet. (Top tip- you can microwave small pieces of the YAKERS chews for a crunchy reward!)

Classic KONG toys. They’re the gold standard for a reason; fill up with their preferred treats so they can take their time retrieving the treats for a tasty reward! (Top Tip- KONG paste is a great filler)

You can view the full boredom buster range online, or pop to your nearest store with your pooch to pick out their own!