How to Prevent Bad Breath in your Dog by Dr. Danielle Bernal How to Prevent Bad Breath in your Dog by Dr. Danielle Bernal

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How to Prevent Bad Breath in your Dog by Dr. Danielle Bernal

Doggy breath is something no pet parent wants to face, as your dog tries to cover you in kisses and most concerningly, it isn’t something that should be thought of as being part and parcel of having a dog. It is in fact, bad dog breath that can be a key sign that your dog may be suffering from a more serious health concern such as dental disease, diabetes or kidney and liver disease. 

Here are 5 quick tips on how to keep your dog’s teeth healthy and their breath fresh:
  1. Book your dog in for their annual check.
    The most common cause of bad breath in dogs is bad oral hygiene and periodontal disease. Your veterinarian is also your dog’s dentist so ensuring your dog has their annual check-up is key to keeping them healthy.  Should there be signs of dental disease, your vet can perform a professional clean that removes any build-up of plaque and tartar as well as treat his mouth for any signs of infection or loose teeth that may require extraction. This will not only have your dog feeling a whole lot better, but it also helps reduce the infection and overall bacterial presence that were key contributors to your dog’s bad breath.   

  2. Keep their mouth clean - Brushing
    It takes as little as 24 hours after a professional clean for bacteria to once again start to accumulate on a tooth as plaque. To help keep this in check, the gold standard technique is to brush your dog’s teeth every day with special doggie toothpaste. Just like us the action of the toothbrush mechanically abrades all plaque off a tooth keeping them clean and the mouth smelling fresher.

  3. Keep their mouth clean - Dental Chews. 
    Brushing your dog’s teeth for most dog parents creates feelings of anxiety or hysteria. Hence it is of little surprise that only 2% of all dog parents brush their dog’s teeth every day.  An easier approach to cleaning your dog’s teeth are scientifically proven dental chews like WHIZMEES Dental Treats.  These dental treats work like a toothbrush in that as a dog chews, the WHIMZEES rubs against the tooth to remove the plaque and bacteria.  Best of all, designed with ridges, grooves and nubs, the fun shapes of WHIMZEES Dental Treats ensures they reach the whole mouth including the hard to reach areas for a total mouth clean.                                                                                                          

  4. Keep an eye on what they eat and drink.
    We all know dogs tend to eat some inappropriate things if given a chance such as faeces, garbage or other stinky substances. Should this be your dog, a quick solution is to ensure their yard is always clean, they are kept on a lead during walks and that they no longer have access to garbage bins. Prevention is the cure on this one!

  5. Keep them healthy.  
    Feeding your dog a high quality natural balanced diet, providing them with plenty of activity and exercise and ensuring they always have their annual veterinary check-up is key to keeping them in good health and optimal weight to avoid a host of other health problems that could present with bad breath such as diabetes.  Should dental disease not be the cause of your dog’s bad breath, the annual check-up can help your veterinarian pick up on the underlying cause of your dog’s bad breath before it gets too bad.

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