How To Make A Dog Birthday Cake with Pets & Friends How To Make A Dog Birthday Cake with Pets & Friends

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How To Make A Dog Birthday Cake with Pets & Friends

Happy Birthday to your best friend! Whether it’s their official birthday, or their ‘gotcha’ day, it’s always nice to treat your pooches to something special on their special day.



The usual treats are always great, or you can pick up an Innocent Hound Birthday Cake mix to surprise your dog with- but did you know, it’s easy to make your own dog birthday cake?



Pets & Friends pooches Jasper and Merlin recently celebrated their fourth birthday and got to test out a home-made doggy birthday cake! This recipe is so simple, even the busiest of pet parents can make it.



The no bake, grain-free dog birthday cake is packed full of protein and can be made from dog food and treats you already have in your cupboard.



Step 1: 

Take one can of Natures Menu Country Hunter Cans and open at each end with a can opener - carefully turning out on a plate.

Step 2:



To decorate you need to 'ice' it with a delicious topping, use your dog’s favourite mashable vegetable, and spread all around the edges of the meat.



You can also use spreadable treats such as Kong paste or dog-friendly peanut butter.



Step 3:



The next step is to decorate... go as simple or creative as you like!



Jasper and Merlin love frozen peas, Hollings Fish Sprats Dog Treats and the delicious Pet Bakery Tasty Chicken Bones, but feel free to use whichever treats your dog loves!



Then simply serve, and let your pooch enjoy! 


You can serve on a plate, in their usual feeding bowl, or if they're adventurous eaters, we'd recommend a Lickimat to help catch any mess. 

If you want to know which products are best to use in the perfect dog birthday cake recipe, speak to one of our nutritional experts either online or in-store!