How To Make A Dog Birthday Cake How To Make A Dog Birthday Cake

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How To Make A Dog Birthday Cake

Jasper and Merlin had the best birthday yesterday! Plenty of snoozing, cat patrol in the garden, lots of zoomies on their favourite walk... but was topped off by having their very own DIY dog birthday cake to celebrate their 4th birthday, which was quickly devoured... Our dogs are truly members of the family and they deserve a special treat on their birthday just as any of the human members

If like me you are a busy working dog Mum sometimes baking a cake just isn't an option, fear not! We have the most delicious grain-free dog birthday cake recipe ever - best of all it is SO simple and will take you just a few minutes to make!! No baking involved!

Here's a quick guide below on how you can make your very own dog birthday cake using this delicious meaty recipe:


Take one can of Natures Menu Country Hunter Cans and open at each end with a can opener - carefully turning out on a plate.

To decorate you need to 'ice' it with a delicious topping, my boys love sweet potato so I opted for a yummy dog friendly sweet potato mash icing... you could go for normal mash potato for a white finish, or even a cream cheese & mashed banana frosting!

The next step is to decorate... go as simple or creative as you like!

I decided to decorate with some frozen peas, their favourite Hollings Fish Sprats Dog Treats and some delicious Pet Bakery Tasty Chicken Bones.

Then to serve & enjoy! Why not throw a birthday party for all their dog friends and get everyone involved in celebrating their special day?

Jasper and Merlin loved it, and happily shared it with their older brother Alfie who has a delicate tummy, with no issues thanks to the Natures Menu Country Hunter can for dogs that are filled with top quality raw ingredients, sealed and then gently cooked to lock in goodness. We love Natures Menu as they use ethically sourced, human grade meats, the cans are also grain free with scrumptious fruit and veg plus essential vitamins and minerals.

What other variations would you do to this recipe?? Get in touch with us on our Kennelgate social media and share your dog baking recipes!