How To Find the Perfect Bed for Your Dog How To Find the Perfect Bed for Your Dog

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How To Find the Perfect Bed for Your Dog

Sleep is crucial for your pet dog, from an early age they will spend most of their day resting, so it’s important to find the perfect bed to help your dog get the rest they need.

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Here at Pets & Friends, we know that during their lifetime, your dog may go through a *few* beds, so we’re here to help you find the perfect one to suit your best friend, whatever their age.

Firstly, it’s important to establish if your dog is a ‘curler’ or a ‘sprawler’ when it comes to their sleep- they could even be both depending on the weather! So, their bed should be able to accommodate them whether they’re curling up for a snooze or sprawling out after a hard day.

How to measure your dog

You should measure your dog whilst they are sleeping from their nose to the base of their tail. To allow room for manoeuvre, add 8-12 inches to the final measurement to make sure your bed can accommodate them in various sleeping positions!

Types of bed

There are a few different types of beds on the market, you may find that offering your dog a couple of options so they can choose their favourite is a good way to choose. Your dog may also prefer different bed shapes as the seasons change (for example, a mattress in summer and a thick cosy bed with sides for winter)

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Mattresses and cushions are ideal for dogs who love to sprawl, they’ll never be confined and can starfish to their hearts content during naptime. Without sides, a mattress is a cooler option for summer. Mattresses are also a great option if your dog sleeps in a crate, they provide comfy padding for the floor without reducing their sleeping space inside the crate.

Soft Sided Beds

A popular choice for small to medium sized dogs, soft sided beds offer comfort and a feeling of security. Your dog can snuggle down inside whilst being protected from the cold.

Hard Sided Beds

Usually made from plastic, the hard-sided beds offer the protection and ‘snug’ feeling which can also be padded out with extra cushions and blankets. Hard sided beds are an easy-to-clean option and offer an extra layer of protection from the floor in colder weather, so they’re ideal if your dog sleeps on a hard floor.

Specialist Beds

As your dog ages, they may require extra comfort and support for their joints. Memory foam dog beds, or specialist orthopaedic mattresses are ideal for helping your old dog rest their bones however they choose to get comfy.

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If you’re looking for a bed to welcome a new member of the family, it’s best to start simple! Your puppy may take some time to find their ideal sleeping arrangements, as well as explore how tasty their new bed may be! It may be tempting to invest in an expensive, large dog bed that they can grow into, but it’s important to get a puppy bed that fits them when they’re young. This is so they feel safe and secure during their transition period into their new home.

If you’re looking for more advice on dog beds, you can visit our in-store team on experts who are on hand to help with any pet queries. You can also view our full range of dog beds online.