Tiny Paws: Kitten Enrichment Tiny Paws: Kitten Enrichment

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Tiny Paws: Kitten Enrichment

Kittens are curious pets indeed! They also have lots of energy to use up, and, if you want to avoid undesirable behaviour- our guide to kitten enrichment can help use up all this energy and benefit their development as they grow into adulthood.

At-home enrichment is especially important for kittens who can’t venture outside, either because they aren’t yet fully vaccinated, or you choose to keep them as an indoor cat. Without the sounds, sights and smells of the outdoors to stimulate their senses, you need to find alternative ways to keep them mentally and physically stimulated.

Safe spaces

Creating a safe space for your kitten to hide and rest during their downtime will benefit their development through enrichment, because if your kitten feels protected when resting, they can channel their energy into physical activity when they’re awake.

Level up

A great idea for creating an enriching environment for your kitten is to have different ‘play’ spaces, on different levels. Cat trees, perches and scratch posts will help them practise physical activity jumping from spot to spot and encourage them to explore.

If you have dogs or small children at home, your kitten will also appreciate a high level hideout to escape the hustle and bustle of the ground floor.


Playing game with your kitten will help hone their hunting skills and develop their coordination. We would recommend approximately 15 minutes of playtime, 2-3 times per day.

Top tip: playing games before their evening meal can help tire your kitten out and mimic the natural cycle of cats. Hunting > Feeding > Grooming > Sleeping. It can also help prevent your kitten from being overactive at night.

Some games you can play with your kitten include:

  • Fetch/Chase- you simply throw a toy across the ground and allow your kitten to chase and catch it. Once caught, you should call your kitten back, and if they bring the toy with them, give them a low calorie treat as a reward!
  • Hide and Seek- without hiding somewhere your kitten will never find you, simply call you kitten to you from a different room in your home. When they run to find you, move into the next room and call them from there. Repeat this 2-3 times until they find you, and once they find you, reward them with a low-calorie treat.



Kittens can find enrichment through different training techniques. You can view our full guide to training your kitten in our cat hub.

How do I provide enrichment if my kitten is alone during the day?

We know that you can’t spend every waking moment with your kitten (as much as you want to!) so if your kitten is alone during the daytime, there are a few things you can do to help keep them stimulated.

  • People/bird watching. Leave your blinds or curtains open for your kitten to observe passers by, or spy on a nearby bird feeder or tree! The wonders of nature will entertain your kitten.
  • Puzzle toys (without the food!) can also entertain them whilst your not around. You should never leave your kitten unattended with an occupier treat or food which can get stuck in objects.
  • Leaving soft toys suitable for cats around the house as they explore will also help them practise their hunting and pouncing skills!


If you’re looking for the right toys for your kitten, or need some advice on enrichment, you can speak to our in-store cat experts or use our online Pets Chat service to help you find the right solution to keep your kitten happy and healthy.