The Pets & Friends Guide to Your Cat’s Chewing Behaviour The Pets & Friends Guide to Your Cat’s Chewing Behaviour

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The Pets & Friends Guide to Your Cat’s Chewing Behaviour

Cats can be enthusiastic chewers throughout their lifetime, from when they’re teething as kittens to gnawing on a cat toy as an adult for mental stimulation. Chewing is just as important for cats as it is for dogs, especially if you have an indoor cat.

Is chewing normal for my cat?

Chewing is a normal, healthy behaviours for cats, it’s also vital for supporting cats’ dental health as it helps remove plaque and tartar, reduces bad breath, and keeps their teeth healthy and strong.

Why does my cat chew everything?

In your cat’s world, it’s all about scent, and chewing leaves their scent markers across their environment, this taps into their carnivore instincts. Chewing also releases endorphins in your cat’s brain, so when they get the opportunity to chew, they’ll feel happier, less stressed and more content.

Kittens are especially prone to chewing everything they can get their teeth around, it’s an easy way to ease their teething pain. Offering your kitten an alternative like a chew toy or dental stick to complement their diet can help alleviate their discomfort and keep them away from the electrical wires!

cat chewing on a toy

What can I give my cat to chew safely?

All sorts! From treats to toys, providing a safe chew for your cat is easy.

Remember to always choose a treat or toy which is the right size for your cat. They should be big enough for them to chew without swallowing whole, but small enough so your cat or kitten doesn’t have to work too hard to place their jaw around it.

We also advise pet parents to always ensure your cat is supervised whilst enjoying their treats or toys.

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