ACANA Cat Food: Nutrition They Need, Food They Love ACANA Cat Food: Nutrition They Need, Food They Love

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ACANA Cat Food: Nutrition They Need, Food They Love

Here at Pets & Friends, we know your cat’s nutrition is important to you; so with the recent launch of the brand new ACANA cat food range, we take a look at what makes ACANA different and what the brand new recipes and grain-free varieties offer to keep your cat healthy and happy.

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“Ingredients we love, sourced from people we trust” is the ACANA standpoint when it comes to sourcing farm-fresh ingredients for the recipes. All of ACANA’s recipes are packed full of real, protein-rich meat including free-range chicken and both fresh and saltwater fish.

ACANA’s recipes are crafted to mimic the diet which Mother Nature cultivated for your cat to flourish, so they ensure to include complementary ratios of meat, organs, cartilage, and bone which deliver nutrients naturally.

“With ACANA recipes, you can be confident your cherished cat’s diet is loaded with healthy, sustaining nourishment”.

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ACANA grain free recipes are crafted featuring a unique blend of essential vitamins, minerals, and amino acids to support healthy digestion, skin, coat, heart, and eyes. The meat included in ACANA grain-free cat food has been selected based specifically on a cat’s natural ancestral diet, focusing on small prey such as chicken, fish, and eggs. Each recipe in the range is made using 75% small prey ingredients, half of which are fresh or raw to deliver the nutrition cats require, as well as offering a desirable taste full of flavour.

Grain-Free Recipe Benefits

  • Balanced Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids support a healthy skin and coat.
  • The combination of high-quality protein, fibre and probiotics help support digestive health.
  • Taurine, EPA and DHA are essential nutrients cats need to help maintain eye and heart health.
  • Small prey animal ingredients and infusions of liver provide a burst of flavour that cats will crave.

What are the grain-free recipes?

The ACANA grain-free cat food range features three recipes, each designed to your cats’ taste.

  • The Wild Prairie range is brimming with chicken, turkey, herring, eggs, white fish, and trout.
  • The Pacifica range features a wide range of seafood including herring, mackerel, hake, blue whiting, flounder, and rockfish.
  • The Grasslands range is loaded with chicken, duck, turkey, eggs, white fish, and quail.

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So, what’s new? ACANA know that every cat is different, so these four brand-new recipes are protein rich, delicious varieties which can provide personalised nutrition for your cat. Each recipe has been designed to deliver an irresistible taste for even the fussiest of cats.

New Recipe Benefits

  • Each recipe contains 65-70% small prey premium animal ingredients, plus 1/3 of the meat in all the recipes is either fresh or raw.
  • The combination of small prey ingredients and infusions of liver provide a burst of flavour for extra palatability.
  • New ACANA Cat offers a number of life stage benefits, including kitten, adult, and a recipe specifically formulated for indoor cats.
  • Each recipe is formulated to boost immune systems and encourage healthy hearts, eyes, skin, and coats.

What are the new recipes?

The new ACANA cat food recipes are tailored to different types of cat, including kittens and indoor cats.

  • First Feast is packed with chicken, herring, turkey, eggs, and quail. It is suitable for all life stages, although it has been specifically designed to support healthy muscle and bone growth, eye, and brain development – all perfect for a growing kitten.
  • Homestead Harvest is a delicious combination of chicken, turkey, eggs, and duck.
  • Bountiful Catch is brimming with salmon, herring, hake, and trout.
  • Indoor Entrée’s tasty recipe includes herring, turkey, and rabbit. Designed to aid weight management and lean muscle maintenance, Indoor Entrée is perfect for indoor cat who may be less active.

You can view the full ACANA cat food range online and in store. Our store staff are fully trained in pet nutrition and are available to answer all your queries.