Dylan Complimentary Dog Food Mixer

Dylan Complimentary Dog Food Mixer

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The Dylan dog food mixer is ideal for mixing with a wet diet. The Dylan mixer ensure teeth are kept healthy as the crunchy biscuit meal helps to remove plaque and reduce tartar build up, leading to better oral health.

We would recommend adding to a good portion of fresh raw meats, canned wet food, pouches or foils for that added texture and crunch!

  • Ideal for mixing with a wet diet
  • Great Value
  • Ensure fresh drinking water is available at all times.



Derivatives of vegetable origin, cereals, meat and animal derivatives oils and fats, minerals and vitamins

Analytical Constituents

Oil 7% Protein 13% Fibre 3.5% Ash 5.5% Vit A 10000 iu/kg Vit D3 1500 iu/kg Vit E 50mg/kg Copper 12 mg/kg