Welcome to the Puppy Love Hub!

Welcome to our Puppy Love hub!

It’s time to welcome your new family member, how exciting!

Whether you’re a first-time pet parent, or it’s been a while, it’s important to remember all the essentials for welcoming your new puppy into your home. We’ve put together a quick puppy check list so you can be fully prepared for your new arrival!

The fun doesn't stop there either, whether you need advice on teething, toilet training or sleeping arrangements. Here at Pets & Friends we can help with the answers. Scroll down to read our most popular puppy guides- or pop to your nearest store to speak to our experts.

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Bringing your new best friend home soon? Here’s a few tips on how to prepare… 

 Keep calm ready for their arrival. A new home is going to be a big change, so making sure it’s peaceful and quiet for their first visit will help them settle. 

 Let them explore! New smells, sights and sounds are going to be intriguing for your pup- let them sniff out every nook and cranny so then become familiar with their new home. 

Bedtime! Show them their new bed, with a blanket in it that has your scent, so they get used to the new space with a familiar smell. 

Stay close! Whilst it’s good to let them roam, always supervise your puppy as they familiarise themselves with their new space- they may want to come back for a cuddle every now and then.

Read more on what to expect in those first few days in our puppy preparation guide.

The perfect puppy recipe… 

To give your pup the best start in life, it’s important to look for the following ingredients to tick every box as they grow.  

1.            High quality protein (for healthy muscle growth)

2.            Calcium & phosphorus (for strong bones)

3.            Essential vitamins & minerals (for a healthy immune system)

4.            Fatty acids like Omega 3 or DHA (for healthy brain development) 

5.            Fibre & prebiotics (for good digestive health)      

You can view all of our puppy recipes online in our puppy food section. 

Let's talk grooming!

Before you know it, grooming will be a big part of your new puppy’s routine and that can be a little daunting for both new owners and pups alike! 

Our senir salon manager Kerry has put together a guide on preparing your puppy for their first groom which features tips and tricks to help them handle the noise and equipment usually found in salons.

Remember, your puppy can be groomed once they are fully vaccinated. If you have any questions about puppy grooming- call your local salon where our stylists can help.

Sleeping arrangements and training are crucial to those first few days and weeks, as your puppy gets used to their new home. Whether it's a bed, crate or mattress- our puppy sleeping guide can help you find the perfect solution to keep your puppy feeling safe and comfortable.

You can also check out our guide to finding the perfect bed for your dog to help establish which bed will be best for your puppy as they grow.  

Watch out for teeth!  

Puppy teeth can appear between 3-7 months and may slow down their eating. If you're feeding a dry recipe- we suggest softening the kibble with water to help those teething gums. 

Toys and treats can help calm those teething issues; strong toys such as a KONG puppy teething stick or puppy specific chews like WHIMZEES dental chews are ideal to help them ease the pain, and help them with their urges to chew.