Pets & Friends Ambassadors

Pets & Friends Ambassadors Terms and Conditions

Want to become a social ambassador for Pets & Friends? Here’s all you need to know!

Drop us a direct message on our social channels to enquire.

  • We welcome all pets!
  • We ask for a minimum of 3,000 social followers to be eligible for our social ambassador campaigns.
  • Ambassadors will receive a goody box to promote across social channels.
  • We ask that each item from the box be promoted following the social channel guidelines regarding gifting & ads.
  • Ambassadors who have over 10,000 followers will receive a unique 10% discount code which can be shared with followers.
  • When promoting products from our boxes, we may use the photographs across our digital marketing campaigns, credit will always be given.
  • On occasion we may offer special promotions through ambassadors, this would be communicated directly.
  • Where possible, we will accommodate for any allergies. All allergies must be communicated. Pets & Friends cannot be held responsible should there be an allergic reaction to something which has not been communicated to us.
  • When sending size-specific items, we will refer to brand size guides and ask that ambassadors measure correctly. Pets & Friends cannot be held responsible for any items that do not fit where size guides have been provided.