Breeder Programme

For any questions you have regarding our sign up process, you can contact us in any of the following ways. call us on 0115 939 9077 (9am-5pm Mon-Fri), live chat on our Breeder Programme page (9am-5pm Mon-Fri) or email us at anytime at

To qualify for our Breeder Programme you must be Kennel Club Registered  .................

In order for us to ensure we are rewarding responsible breeders via our Breeder Programme, all breeders will have to be KC registered to sign up. 
Are you not yet registered with the Kennel Club? You can register here.

We would ask that you give us a call or send us an email to inform us of when you're expecting a litter. A member of our support team will always be there to offer any support you may need in relation to the Breeder Programme.

Yes, our Active Life Dry Dog Food is a food we have created specifically for pregnant and lactating bitches in order to ensure they get all they need for a healthy pregnancy. 

During the weaning period we advise that you add water to the dry puppy food in order to create a paste like substance. 

We will usually ensure the food gets to yourself no later than 2 weeks after the puppies have been born. However if you would prefer to receive the puppy food at another time, just let us know.

We will have a dedicated support team on hand for you whenever you need us. The support team are contactable via phone (0115 939 9077), email ( or on our live chat.

You will also receive breeder wallets and puppy packs that will have all relevant information with an exclusive discount code for you and your puppy buyers to use to get 15% off. 

In our CORE puppy kit you will receive a bag of CORE (1.5kg-2.75kg flavour dependant), a branded CORE bag, a can of our NEW Wet Puppy Food and a frisbee!

In their breeder wallet that will passed on with the puppy kit to the new owners, you will have a bespoke discount code that will give them 15% of RRP on Wellness CORE products, They would need to use this every time they check out to receive a discount. 

In order for us to track any credit you have earned from the puppy owners they must use your bespoke discount code. This is an exclusive discount code for you that we can use to track any purchases made from the puppy buyers. If the code is not used against their purchase, unfortunatley this will not go against your credit.